Black Adam Cinematographer Says Dwayne Johnson and Jaume Collet-Serra Are ‘Aiming High’

Geek Vibes Black Adam

Black Adam is finally happening. Starring Dwayne Johnson, Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra will helm the upcoming DC film. Filming is set to begin filming this summer and pre-production is in its early stages. We, as the viewers; want to know more of course and luckily cinematographer Lawrence Sher has some details for us:

“The good news is we don’t shoot until July. So I’m just getting into the research and development phase of discovering how it will look. It’s super important to me because every time I set off to make a movie or a new project, I always feel as if I want it to be better than the last thing I worked on. I’m really excited about Black Adam because it’s different than Joker in that it’s slightly more traditional insomuch as it’s really drawing from the comics.”

Sher was the cinematographer for Joker, which is nominated for several Oscars, so this is good news when it comes to who you want involved in an anticipated film like Black Adam. Sher is also doing his homework – saying he has a stack of Black Adam comic books. He knows how much fans want this movie and says that Johnson and Collet-Serra are “aiming high”:

“I know with Jaume and myself and with Dwayne, we do want to reinvent something. But when you try to reinvent something and try to push it to the next level, it takes a bit of brainwork to get there. You have to think, ‘How do you crack the code of what’s going to be next?’ I’m still in the code-cracking mode on this one. But I have a little time. I want it to be something singular and feel wholly original within the genre. We’ve talked about that.”

Black Adam was written by Adam Sztykiel and will hit theaters on December 22, 2021.

Geek Vibes Black Adam

Source: Observer