‘Black Friday’ Review: Working Retail Can Be Horrific 

The holidays can be horrific. Add an alien demon parasite into the mix and you have pretty much 2020 to 2021 recently. But of course in the horror movie world this idea has been harnassed into a whole new take on the holiday shopping experience, which can be hell already, Black Friday. 

Directed by Casey Tebo, Black Friday centers around the employees of a big box toy store just trying to get through one of the worst retail days of all, Black Friday. The film stars Devon Sawa (our Casper and Idle Hands man), Ryan Lee (Cary from Super 8) and Bruce Campbell (come on now) as the store manager. As the employees clock in for their shifts they are met with more than just horrible customers. A demonic parasite begins to take over the late night shoppers with zombie-like outcomes that have them hungry for more than just a good deal. Throughout the night the workers find that choosing to get holiday paid time and a half may end up cutting their lives in half. 

Black Friday [2021]
Black Friday has all the ingredients to be a Krampus cult classic. It was shot beautifully and I mean that. Crisp, clear cinematography and direction. It had a solid cast of characters, Bruce Campbell shining as our groovy horror man as always. Even the music was done by Fall Out Boy front man, Patrick Stump. Did I mention the practical effects and make up? Some top notch practicals that oozed Evil Dead vibes all over. It had literally everything there and yet the story needed a few more passes on the drafts. 

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It frustrates me when you have literally everything going for a movie and it somehow fails. The plot line, pacing and inconsistencies of Black Friday lead what could have been a cult classic to just be another on demand dismissal. There were so many odd pacing decisions and story line directions that really didn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever. At some points I paused the film and asked everyone what was happening, did I miss something? We were yelling out for the demon alien creatures but booing the events that lead up to even being able to see them. 

Bruce Campbell in Black Friday

Final Friday Thoughts? 

Black Friday has a lot going for it. It was fun but it could have been a blast. More blood and gore, a few more passes on the script and it would have been perfection. But it was still a fun, well made horror film. Bruce Campbell got my horror butt in the chair, I will admit, but I was glad to try this potential holiday classic out. Sadly I wasn’t buying any of the deals but it still was fun to look around the store.

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