Brendan Fraser Comments On Robotman Being the Heart of Doom Patrol

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”12147″ img_size=”415×611″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]If you’ve caught DC Universe’s first episode of Doom Patrol on Friday, you can agree that Brendan Fraser’s Robotman aka Cliff Steele is easily one of the best aspects of the show. And that’s saying a lot, considering every character is such a wonderful part of the storyline. Fraser is one of those actors that every older millennial grew up on and it’s honestly such a treat to see him back and giving us a great performance.

If you’ve caught our podcast review on the first two episodes of the show (spoilers) then you’ll know that it was voiced by GVN that Robotman could have easily been a one-dimensional character, but it’s Fraser’s acting that really brings Cliff to life. During a Q&A, Fraser was asked about being regarded as the “heart of the show”, to which he responded that he’s more so the brain. Fraser regards him as the most level-headed of the group, with him explaining:

“[Cliff] harbors lot of guilt for his former life,” said Fraser. “In case you didn’t notice, he’s kind of a french shower bag. Look it up. And for his misdeeds, this character sort of goes on this journey. We all do, in one way or another, and his is of redemption, about trying to be a better human than he was when he was a human. And we’ll watch him get better at it, even as he’s a robot. It’s tragic, hubris catches up with him and he crashes the car. His family is shattered. Hilarity ensues. [His daughter] is a driving factor for sure.”

Fraser then spoke about his relationship with actor Riley Shanahan, who physically portrays Robotman while Fraser provides the voice (Fraser plays Cliff during flashbacks):

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Riley, who is not here tonight. He’s in Atlanta, at work. He’s taking the knocks for me. It’s a partnership I share with him.”

He continued:

“It really takes a team to bring all of these characters together,” said Fraser. “Riley is a proper actor in his own regard, and you need that physical response behind all of that makeup and gear mech suits to make you believe there’s a human in there. And for my part, I kind of just watched him at first, and then the answer was to just stand back and let the writing lead the way, and hope for the best.”

If you haven’t checked out Doom Patrol, you really should! A new episode will premiere every Friday, so you can catch the pilot episode and look forward to episode two next week.

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