Call of Duty: Vanguard As The First Game In The Trilogy

The COD franchise has over 17 mainline games with several PC, Console, handheld, and mobile devices titles. However, the only constant is that there’s a new COD title per year. Although three developers are working on the different titles, there’s more time for each one to create a befitting title. Call of Duty Vanguard is the title for the game’s new release, and it has had fans talking since it was first announced.

One of the biggest talking points of the new release is that the makers, Sledgehammers, say the game will be a trilogy. Vanguard is the first of the trilogy, and players have to look forward to the second and third parts.

With Vanguard, players are going back to the Second World War as the developers opt for historical fiction with this series. This isn’t the first time we are seeing something like this in COD games, with other titles such as Modern Warfare and Black Ops adding their spin to the series. However, it’s different for Vanguard because of the developers’ plans for the game, which raises the players’ expectations.

The COD franchise covers numerous war theaters, telling fictional stories in its web of historical clashes. Sometimes, some of the characters from the game become mainstays, such as Captain Price in Modern Warfare and Woods in Black Ops. This is the plan for Call of Duty Vanguard as the latest franchise entry, and the writers want the characters from the game to be mainstays. Hence, the plan for another COD trilogy starting with Call of Duty Vanguard.

As reported by dissertation writing services, the writers of COD Vanguard spoke about their vision for the game’s protagonist during the New York Comic-Con panel. According to Sam Maggs, one of the writers, they want to create iconic COD characters because COD doesn’t have that right now. They want to make Vanguard 2 and 3, and they need to have flagship COD characters, and they want to tell these stories with the same characters. The writers hope that the players love the characters because the plan is to continue telling the characters’ stories until they’re seen as the figureheads for this COD era.

What does Vanguard gameplay offer?

The campaign mode of this game is very entertaining, like other COD franchise games. Here, the players are thrown in the deep of a covert mission involving a task force of six highly skilled soldiers to infiltrate the German’s submarine base and uncover a Nazi plan called Operation Phoenix.

The game is set in 1945 in Germany and features a rogue SS officer (played brilliantly by Dominic Monaghan). It is probably an easy task to figure out the nature of Operation Phoenix, but players still have to play and fight through six hours of bullet-riddled missions before getting there.

Perhaps, the biggest cinematic twist to the game’s storytelling is that the squad was captured very early. As a result, most of the game features several flashbacks that give players the origin story of the individual characters in the game. The characters include Polina Petrova (Russian Sniper), Wade Jackson (American pilot), and Arthur Kingsley (officer of the British special forces). With these characters, COD Vanguard players whiz through some of the major flashpoints of the Second World War, including Normandy and Tobruk, while tickling staple COD set-pieces along the way.

The campaign mode has a last stand where you have to face several waves of enemies, a tank bit, flight combat bit, and try out several authentic period weapons. One of the biggest factors of this game is the tight script which keeps it together, minimizing the non-interactive sequence and exploring issues of personal tragedy and diversity in war.

Apart from the single-player campaign mode, it also has several online multiplayer options. Some of these are Domination, Team Deathmatch, and others like Champion Hill, a mini team-based Battle Royale with short elimination rounds.

The combat pace is swift, and you may be frustrated during the first few days of playing the game when you don’t last longer than an average of two seconds between respawns. Until you find your way, you will have to repeat that again and again. The several maps in the game are the traditional three-lane setup, and they channel the action through submarine bases, North African villages, and Nazi meeting houses at mountain tops. They don’t necessarily have clever interactive elements or exciting features, but they help you get the job done.


Bottom line

The Call of Duty Vanguard is one to look forward to as it may be the start of a new era for the COD franchise with flagship characters.

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