For years, gaming laptops were something of a no-go area. Nowhere near as powerful as a full gaming rig, they seemed pointless. These days, while still not as powerful as a gaming PC, laptops have come a long way in terms of performance and mobility. However, could your gaming laptop effectively replace your daily productivity machine?

This is a surprisingly frequent question. People see the over-powered specs of a gaming laptop and think it will be excellent as an everyday productivity laptop, not least because it should last longer. As usual, the truth is a little more complicated.

Let’s not forget the tasks of a regular personal PC are different. On your normal PC you will manage files, edit, consume media, visit your favorite websites like, or engage in social media and general browsing. Gaming laptops are more performance focused, so that makes them perfect all-rounders, yes?

Well, below we will find out.

Why gaming laptops work well as an ordinary laptop replacement

Better specs: Gaming laptops typically have boosted specs compared to standard productivity machines. Processing power and RAM are higher, which could allow for more dynamic multi-tasking. It also means you may not need to buy a new laptop as often because a gaming laptop will last longer due to its future-proof specs.

Customization and Upgrading: While most normal laptops can be upgraded, gaming laptops are usually focused on allowing upgrades. Accessing upgrades across the board is easier in a gaming laptop. Modern productivity laptops are making its increasingly harder to access parts of the machine for upgrading, such as RAM.

Excellent for entertainment: A major part of the package with a gaming laptop is an excellent screen and loud speakers. After-all, these laptops are designed to immerse users into games. Because of their screen and speaker technology, gaming laptops are amazing for entertainment use, such as watching Netflix or listening to Spotify.

Why a gaming laptop may not be a good ordinary laptop replacement

Design: The truth is, gaming laptops are love them or hate them in terms of design… looks are subjective, after-all. However, it cannot be denied that gaming laptops are designed to stand out from the crowd, but more importantly to also be bombproof. These are large devices, and portability and battery life are secondary goals. If you need a laptop to carry around and use on the move, a gaming laptop won’t be for you.

Spec specifics: As mentioned, gaming laptops offer boosted specs over an ordinary machine. While this is good on paper and can work in practice, sometimes the processor power and GPU do not translate well to everyday productivity tasks. If your laptop needs are basic (browsing and document processing), you simply won’t need the extra power.


If you want a laptop that offers the best of both worlds, a machine that will chew through your productivity and entertainment needs, a gaming laptop is a good choice. Because of its future proofing, it will also probably last you longer than a standard laptop.

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