Regardless of how you feel about The CW DC shows, they tend to run for a long time. Which, it why it is shocking that Ruby Rose, the lead of The CW’s Batwoman; has decided to step down from her role as Kathy Kane. Before Batwoman premiered, fans were excited to have the first live-action lesbian superhero be the lead of her own show. Regardless of fans being torn on the actual show, it did well enough to get renewed for a second season. But, it won’t be with Rose and reports do say this has nothing to do with an injury sustained in season one.

New Year, New Batwoman

The CW will recast, but can a show make it without their lead? This isn’t just a changing of the guards after a pilot season. Rose was involved in The Elsewords and Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover events. As well as a full first season. With a new actress will come a new feel, a new dynamic, and a new face. How will the atmosphere between the cast be? How different will it feel for viewers?

This isn’t the first time a character has had different faces in the superhero realm. Edward Norton played Bruce Banner for a Hulk film in the MCU before Mark Ruffalo took over. Don Cheadle took over for War Machine after Terrence Howard played him in Iron Man 1. I think we all like the different actors and couldn’t imagine them changing now. Even though the former actors only played their respective characters for one movie, fans quickly accepted the new actors playing them. What about a different actor taking over for someone who did a whole season as a character?

The Spartacus Exception

Starz had a show called Spartacus that ran from 2010 to 2013. The first season was later named Spartacus: Blood and Sand and starred Andy Whitfield as the lead. Unfortunately, after one season; Whitfield got sick and passed away. Wanting to keep the story going, Liam McIntyre was brought in for two seasons to take over for Whitfield. The series was received well and even nominated for awards.

Brooklyn Nine Nine/Batwoman Crossover?

Let’s also consider that Batman has had a ton of different actors and at this point, it’s just the ritual of passing the torch. The truth is, we don’t know how Batwoman will do until we get a new actress and see how she does in the show. Reception for Rose’s acting was mixed, but seemed to improve as the season progressed. Since the announcement, Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz did tweet out some sentiments that make it seem like she’d like to play the role:

Personally, I believe this would be a good pick, but who knows if The CW has actresses already in mind. Who would you like to see don the red wig?

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