Recently, we reported that Disney was planning on remaking the classic 80s film Three Men and a Baby. DisInsider confirmed our scoop and added that a search for the director is underway and that filming would take place in Brooklyn, NY which we can confirm. Gordon Gray is set to produce.

Now, we have gotten exclusive news about the characters expected to be in the remake

Look below for all of the casting news:

Nick. The newly minted General Manager for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. He goes in with Grady and Marcus to buy a Brooklyn apartment. He dates then loses girlfriend Amina over putting his career before the relationship. When Emily visits with Marcus’ surprise daughter Nor, he offers to watch the baby so she can take a break. He then ends up holding the proverbial diaper bag when she [Emily] never returns. He’s then forced to learn how to care for Nora along with Grady while Marcus is in Europe. He then brings her to work with him where she becomes a part of the Nets extended family. Then he loses her on the subway and goes through all manner of experiences learning to be a parent. Nick is grateful to drop her in Marcus’ lap upon his return so he can get on with his life. Nick forms a bond, though; with Nora and offers to pitch in and help raise her. After Marcus then misses picking her up at daycare due to a conflict, he has had enough. When Emily shows back up to pick up Nora, Nick knows it’s the right thing to let her, but he can’t stop thinking about Nora even as the Nets play in the NBA finals and that should be his focus. He then joins Grady and Marcus in a race to the airport to try to convince Emily to stay with them and Nora, and they’re able to do it. He tries to pick his relationship back up with Amina and is part of the “village” that raises Nora in the end.

Nora. Nine-month old baby.

Grady. Supporting male (30-40). A raconteur adventurer who speaks many languages and has traveled the world doing intense experiences in keeping with his mantra as a psychology professor who advocates living like the world is about to end. He has plans for a new world travel adventure book he’s pitching, but things take a left turn when he comes home to find Nick caring for Marc’s baby. He’s then forced to pitch in and help. He meets with the editor about his book. He then gets a call from Nick and must race on his motorcycle to try and save Nora after she’s left alone on a subway. Later he’s relieved to turn Nora over to Marcus upon his return from touring so he can catch a break. He continues to help out, though. When Marcus strands her at daycare he races on his motorcycle in the rain and gets into an accident. He joins Marcus and Nick in a race to the airport to try to convince Emily to stay with them. He now counsels his students to live a healthy balanced life that includes being responsible for the ones you love. His book is about the challenges of being a parent, which is different than what he planned on writing about being Nora came into his life.

Marcus. Supporting male (30-40). A laid back drummer and keyboardist who plays in a local band at dive clubs, waiting for his big break. He’s fathered a child (Nora) with Emily but he’s never told his friends. He’s not surprised when Grady and Nick tell him about Nora while he’s out touring, out of country. He finishes his gig and returns home, but he struggles with fatherhood. He loses his favorite toy at a playground and later allows a rehearsal session to keep him from picking Nora up from daycare. Nick calls him selfish. When Emily comes back to take Nora, he thinks this is best because he feels he’s incapable. He writes an original song for Nora that becomes a minor hit online and gets a chance to play at Radio City for a chairty event. He can’t finish the set because he’s thinking about his kid and he races with his friends to the airport to get Emily to live with them with Nora.

Amina. Supporting female (30-40). A girl who Nick falls for and dates him for a time, but she breaks up with him when he chooses his career over their relationship. She runs into him and Grady with Nora in the neighborhood and ends up being a friend and occassional babysitter. She gives dating Nick another chance at the end.

Claude. Cameo male (30-40). A sports reporter who teases Nick about Nora when he’s forced to bring her along to a press conference.

Gebevieve. Cameo female (30-40). A yoga instructor who interviews to be Nora’s caretaker, but can’t hold her without screaming at the top of her lungs.

Jerry. Cameo male (60-70). Marcus’ father, who drives Viv to see Marcus and Nora and tells him parenting is not the end, but a new chapter.

Katya. Cameo female (40-50). A daycare manager who laughs when Nick and Grady come to enroll Nora only to learnt here’s a lengthy waiting list.

Lorna. Cameo female (40-50). A woman who interviews to be Nora’s caretaker and plans not to tell the parents of a child she’s already watching over.

Luke. Cameo male (20-30). Amina’s new boyfriend and a Net fan.

Officer Liu. Cameo male (40-50). A cop who stops Grady because he’s been speeding on his motorcycle. Escorts him to find Nora after Nick leaves her on a subway.

Ray. Cameo male (40-50). A former Marine who interviews to be Nora’s babysitter and claims kids need to be taught discipline at an early age.

Ricky. Cameo male (30-40). A camera operate for the Nets who helps Coach Fox show highlights that serve as as examples of how to be effective parents.

Simms. Cameo male (40-50). A high-strung book editor who meets with Grady to hear his travel book pitch and offers him a deal.

Amy. Supporting female (30-40). One half of a lesbian couple who are neighbors to the guys and raises two young children of their own. They help the boys with supplies and offer advice for raising Nora.

Celine. Supporting female (30-40). One half of a lesbian couple who are neighbors to the guys and raises two young children of their own. They help the boys with supplies and offer advice for raising Nora.

Coach Fox. Supporting male (40-50). The Nets head coach who uses game tape to give Nick pointers on how to be an effective parent to Nora and later offers him additional advice in between coaching the teams for the finals.

Emily. Supporting female (30-40). The mother of Marcus’ child.

Anderson. Supporting male (30-40). A fellow musician who hooks Marcus up with a producer and helps book him gigs.

Annabel, Yukimo, Kareen. Cameo (20-25). Students in Grady’s class who he urges to live life in the moment. They chip in to buy him a new motorcycle helmet after his accident.

Benny. Cameo (20-30). An eager member of Nick’s staff in the Net’s front office who accidentally wakes Nora up after Nick gets her to sleep.

Carter, Lawrence. Cameo (20-30) Diverse. A pair of free agent players who recently are acquired by the Nets. They don’t like each other and Nick is challenged with helping them get on the same page as teammates.

CC. Cameo male (30-40). A music producer who invites Marcus to work on a track and keeps him too long so Marcus misses picking up Nora. He also invites him to play his original song as City Hall.

Station Agent. Cameo male (30-40). A subway agent who quizzes Nick about Nora’s physical attributes so he can put an alert to help find her.

Tasha. Cameo female (20-30). Nick’s assistant on the Nets. She refuses to babysit Nora when he’s forced to bring her to the office.

Viv. Cameo female (60-70). Marcus’ mother who he calls on for help but does nothing in her visit but give him some pithy advice.

What do you think of the character breakdowns for Three Men and a Baby?

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