Chicken Run was an incredibly popular stop-motion movie. So, it’s a huge treat that on its twentieth’s anniversary, Aardman and Netflix announce that full production on a sequel will begin next year. Sam Fell will direct and Steve Pegram will produce. In addition, Chicken Run co-directors Nick Park and Peter Lord will be on board as a creative consultant and executive producer.

The sequel to Chicken Run will focus on going back to the old farm. Fell explains who his favorite character is and the goal of the sequel:

“Of all the characters that really grabbed me was Ginger. I rooted for her the most to achieve her goal — to get the green grass under her feet. You’re just longing for her to fly over that fence. What’s the next chapter of her story? We begin in this kind of chicken paradise and…she’s with Rocky [the laid-back American circus rooster].”

The sequel will pick up with Ginger and Rocky giving birth to Molly. Molly grows up and finds herself wanting to explore the world outside. But, Fell states:

“But Ginger doesn’t want to engage with the outside world. But then they realize there is some new threat on the mainland to chicken kind. It’ll be fun and games seeing these chickens back in action.”

Keep in mind that no one knows yet if Julia Sawalha or Mel Gibson will return as Ginger and Rocky.

As far as this harmonious relationship that has brewed between Aardman and Netflix, Lord has commented on it:

“Netflix feels like the ideal creative partner for this project too. They celebrate the filmmaker, which means we can make the film we want to make, the one we really care about, and share it with a global audience.”

Are you excited for a sequel to Chicken Run?

Source: IndieWire

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