Cobra Kai’s Paul Walter Hauser Talks About Playing Stingray in Season Four

Paul Walter Hauser is actually one of the best actors in the game right now and his best role isn’t one you’d think it was. I’m here to say one of Hauser’s most enjoyable roles is in Netflix’s Cobra Kai as Stingray. We didn’t get to see Stingray in season three, but Hauser’s made his return in season four.

Paul talks about getting the call to be in the series and even said he was late because he was watching an episode on his iPad:

I got a call from my reps telling me that the creators had seen I, Tonya and had a character for me in season two. I hadn’t watched Cobra Kai, but it sounded like some schlocky revival idea. But, I dug the creators’ [Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg] Harold and Kumar films and Hot Tub Time Machine. On the ride to lunch to meet them, I watched the first three episodes of Cobra Kai on my iPad. I was so hooked that I showed up 10 minutes late to the meeting just to finish an episode. We ate Mexican food and endlessly quoted the film Dirty Work and talked of our admiration for John Goodman in The Big Lebowski. That was it. The show was good, they were cool. And they bought me nachos.

In a recent interview with THR, Hauser is asked if he was aware that his character would return for the fourth season:

“Josh, Jon and Hayden offered me season three in early August 2019, but I had already committed to doing Cruella for Disney. So, I had to pass and hope they might let me come back in the future. I was grateful they did. The show understands its tone and characters intimately. Cobra Kai has smart people doing silly things — which I can’t get enough of.”

Is Hauser is season five? This is what the actor says:

“I can’t say a gol dang thing about Stingray in season five.”

You can find my review for season four here. What’d you think of season four and were you happy to see Stingray’s return?

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Source: THR

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