Bloodshot issue #5 does a fantastic job, once again of catching up new readers quickly. Moreover, the issue doubles down on issue #4’s comic relief. Thankfully the issue doesn’t sacrifice its action sequences to do this. Resulting in an enjoyable read that seamlessly carried on the story. Don’t get me wrong, some of the issues references will fly over your head if you’ve only recently jumped into the world of Bloodshot. However, I think the issues does a pretty good job of calling back to the wider story for older fans. Whilst also serving as a self-contained story for newer readers.

Bloodshot #5 cover art


Once again, I will be sure to avoid major spoilers for those of you that are not caught up. Issue #5 is written by Tim Seeley with artwork from Brett Booth. Bloodshot is still holding up with The Burned, whilst also working on his own mission. A mission to find a familiar face from his past and help her out of a mess he put her in. Eidolon AKA Mina Nez is now working for The Black Bar, a paramilitary group. Eidolon isn’t exactly there of her own free will. So, when Bloodshot gets a chance to bust her out he takes it.

It doesn’t exactly go to plan. However, it does result in one of the issues funnier sections. As well as some clever use of Bloodshots tech. The issue once again does a great job of filling in new readers. It provides a quick and concise recap explaining Eidolon’s and Bloodshot’s history. The issue also shows off Eidolons’ discomfort working with Black Bar rather than just telling us. It made Ediolon’s small subplot in this issue far more believable.

Bloodshot’s Upgrades

The issue also introduces some really cool new upgrades to Bloodshot’s arsenal. His new tech is used to great effect, both in the issue’s finale and when he’s training with The Burned. That entire section was brilliant actually. A good dose of humor mixed in with some of the issue’s best action. The whole scene reminded me of The Predator, as Bloodshot stalks the agents through the undergrowth, toying with them.

It was also a nice set up to later in the issue when Bloodshot would use the same tech on a real mission.

The issue also makes an attempt at introducing some of Eidolon’s backstory. Most of which will be familiar to long-time fans. To newer readers, this will probably pass you buy espcially because it isn’t made a big deal until near the end. Nevertheless, it didn’t detract from the overall issue and I’m sure will be fleshed out more in future issues.


Lets again start with the issue’s namesake. Bloodshot is again brilliant here. His unintentional humor is brought forward even more and his humanity starts to shine through more so that it did in the previous issue. Like I mentioned previously his new tech upgrades are used to great effect throughout the issue. However, like last time he isn’t shown to be some unstoppable tank. He’s on a mission of redemption. To right one of his past wrongs. Its an arc I think is fitting to the character.

Next up we have Eidolon. This is the first time new readers will meet Mina and right off the bat I liked her. She’s witty, smart, but being held against her will. Despite her superhuman powers which we are told of but never shown she’s powerless to escape The Black Bar. I enjoyed her throughout, despite the fact that her scenes are a little slower compared to Bloodshot’s.

Unfortunately, Bloodshot and Eidolon are the only two characters that actually go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong it’s their story and they should be taking center stage. However, for a comic filled with so many side characters, none of them ever got to do much. Agent Nix makes an appearance again but doesn’t stick around too long. There’s also a group of Black Bar agents but they’re never given the chance to do anything either.

Eneba Many GEOs

Eidolons Past

The issue does introduce someone from Eidolon’s past. Again, familiar readers will recognize her whilst newcomers are meeting her for the first time. She too isn’t given much to do either. However, her inclusion is very intriguing as well as her character design being the coolest of the series so far. Safe to say I’m excited to see what the series does with her.


Like always Bloodshots artwork is stunning. Combining real-world action with futuristic sci-fi elements. Bloodshot, The Burned and The Black Bar all looked brilliant. I espcially loved Bloodshot’s new tech and the issues final act which I won’t spoil here. The action is stellar again and if you’re a fan of sci-fi action you’ll definitely get a kick out of Bloodshot #5.

I really enjoyed Bloodshot issue #5. Similar to the previous issue it did a great job of re-introducing older characters and their backstories to new readers. The action is great thanks to the issues brilliant artwork and the issue serves as both a nice continuation of the series and a self-contained story for new readers.

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