Harlem’s own Hellfighter is kicking his way onto the comic page. Mad Cave Studios’ latest run, takes the classic “vigilante hero” angle in bold new directions. With some undoubtedly brutal moments. In addition to the series’ fantastic action, it offers a surprising amount of humor. As well as that, many of Hellfighter’s stronger moments come from Quin himself more specifically his words than his actions. The issue does move fast, cramming in an awful amount of exposition and world-building into one issue. However, I personally was able to keep up with the breakneck pace of Hellfighter Quin fairly well. 

Hellfighter Quinn cover art


Hellfighter Quinn, written by Jay Sandlin, with artwork from Atagun and Maria Santaolalla adds a breath of fresh air to the classic vigilante superhero story. Quinlan Jones is the Hellfighter. Harlem’s own hero. He thought he’d hung up his mask long ago. That is until a student of his forces him into a tournament controlled by a group of hidden clans. The prize at the end of this tournament? The Azure Sun. A magical stone that grants powerful abilities to those who come into contact with it. Quinn must fight not only for his life but to claim the Azure Stone against all manner of deadly opponents.

Hellfighter’s best moments come from its action. The issues move fast, wasting no time getting stuck in. That’s great when it comes to the action but it can move a little too fast in places. I would’ve liked to stay in Harlem a little longer before Quin is whisked away to fight in some mystical gladiatorial arena. Also, I would’ve like to learn more about Quin’s protégé Tyrel. Unfortunately, he isn’t in the issue for too long. 

That being said when Quin is taken away from the streets of Harlem to fight for his life against all manner of strange people and creatures I was hooked. The issues drip-feeds us information. Mentions of “clans” and a magical stone with unbelievable power but leaves just enough out to keep you turning the page. The same can be said about its characters who apart from Quin himself only briefly show up here and there. Once again though, they intrigue you just enough to keep you reading on. 

Quinns First Bloody Battle…

Without a doubt, the issues’ strongest point is during Quin’s bloody battle against a fellow competitor in the tournament. A creature from one of the 5 clans, named Myrmidon. Hellfighter Quin’s action is gritty, gory and downright brilliant. With scenes that took me back to the first seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil. Gone too soon, my sweet child. Seriously the issue’s action was intense and I loved it. 

That being said I equally enjoyed when Quin wasnt throwing punches. When he’s allowed to talk, his characters really shine through, and I look forward to seeing more of it.

The issue wraps up with Quin moving onto the next stage of the tournament and a new adversary to face. A fellow champion named Glass Assassin. We don’t know much about her but like pretty much every other character in this issue I can’t wait to see what powers she has and how Quin will deal with it.


Let’s start with the series namesake. I really enjoyed Quin, He’s likable, funny, witty. Plus he really knows how to kick ass. We get hints at a past life of crime-fighting and his day to day life in Harlem. Both things I would love to see expanded. Quinn is a “clanless” and so is looked down upon by members of the 5 clans who are all competing for the Azure Stone. 

We know very little about the clans and their members, although most seem to be egotistical ass hats who need bringing down a peg or two and Quinn, is happy to help. I look forward to learning more about these clans in future issues. 

Next up we have Tyrel. Quinns protégé and not someone we see for too long. He was used more as a narrative device than a character of his own. Pushing Quinn forward into the Tournament. I would’ve liked to learn a bit of backstory between the two, but with everything else going on there really wasnt space in the issue. 

A tournament filled with fighters

Quinn’s opponent made for a really cool fight but ultimately was a one and done character. His character design was excellent, combined with the issues best action-packed panels made the fight so much fun to watch unfold. If this is a sign of what’s to come with Hellfighter Quin’s characters than I for one am very hyped. 


Once again Mad Cave Studios knocks it out the park with its artwork. Here even more so. Even though we don’t see Harlem itself a whole lot, you can feel its presence in Quin and his gritty fighting style. Quinn along with every other character in this issues looks brilliant and I loved the switch up to the art style once we reach the tournament. This issue best storytelling is done through its action, and thanks to the amazing artwork its action looks stellar.

Hellfighter Quin is such a great read. What feels like a new take on a story that been done countless times. The issue’s brilliant characters combined with its gripping action and intriguing story make for a must-read for any superhero or comic fan.

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