[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”29408″ img_size=”411×632″ alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]Mad Cave Studios are back, with an entirely new series. We’re jumping through time itself with the legendary beast hunters of the Wolvenheart as they track down and destroy all manner of monsters which pose a threat to humanity, wherever and whenever they pop up. Wolvenheart tells a classic tale of good vs evil, wrapped up in fascinating layers of sci-fi, steampunk, horror and, good old fashion action. There’s something for almost anyone to love in Wolvenheart.


Wolvenheart #1 is written and created by Mark London, with artwork from Alejandro Giraldo and, Miguel Angel Zapata and follows Sterling Cross a legendary slayer of the Wolvenheart, a group of travelers and protectors who hunt down all manner of beasts and monsters throughout time to protect good folks like you and me. These beast hunters honestly reminded me of the Men in Black a little, only we’re swapping alien visitors for medieval monsters. Sterling Cross, is just finishing up on a hunt, which served as an incredible opening to the series when he gets called back to Wolvenheart HQ by the one and only Van Helsing with a little help from Nikola Tesla…Time travel never was going to be straightforward.

Sterling, eager to get back on the hunt wants to respond to a call from his home village of Blackmoor. Helsing disapproves of sterling going, which of course doesn’t stop him. It was nice to get to know Sterling a little more here, and after the non-stop action opening, getting a little time to relax and soak up the world was appreciated. We meet Kesia, a friend of Sterling’s who can see glimpses into the future, although they’re only small peaks into what could be. I really like the idea of different timelines and alternate realities, and I’m interested to see where they go with this in future issues.

Eneba Many GEOs

A warning from the Werewolf, Sterling battled at the start of the issue, about a Black Queen and the destruction of house Wolvenheart has him worried, and after Kesia looks into the future and sees a vision of this mysterious enemy, he leaves to investigate the matter. Wolvenheart ends on a surprisingly shocking note when it turns out the beast hunters of Wolvenheart aren’t as powerful as you may think. A cliffhanger of an ending which could literally go anywhere thanks to the time-bending ways of the Wolvenheart and that is extremely exciting.

If you’re a fan of stories where different genres and smashed together in all sorts of strange and wonderful ways, Wolvenheart should definitely be something you look into because it pulls it off beautifully.


Let’s start with Sterling. He’s about as cocky as he is stylish, but when you have the skills to back it up, can you really blame him? I found him to be instantly likable, even if his arrogance can get the better of him from time to time. His swagger and charm were just as entertaining as his skills with a silver sword and I cant wait to see more of him. Obviously a skilled hunter it will be interesting to see how Sterling copes when the odds aren’t in his favor, and I hope we get to see some of that in later issues.

Kesia, an old friend of Sterling was another character that I really liked. She reminded me of a fortune teller you might find at a carnival. I did enjoy her interactions with Sterling, although they were fairly limited.

Aside from those two a lot of Wolvenhearts characters served as side characters like Tesla and Helsing, who were both enjoyable enough, even if they weren’t given a lot to do. One character who did make a lasting impression was Sabina, a young girl who had been waiting for Sterling to return after he last left. Sterling, overestimating his powers with time travel, had promised he’d be back by the time she counted to three and seeing her cry with disappointment when he didn’t show was very well written.

I’m really hoping to see some characters who can stand toe to toe with Sterling on the page, and I can’t wait to, hopefully, see a villain who will give Sterling a run for his money.


In the same way that Wolvenheart’s writing blends different genres togther well, its art design does even better. The entire issue has this, victorian almost steampunk style feel to it, with modern flashes here and there, and even some sprinkles of sci-fi thrown in too. The issue easily looks it’s best at the start, during Sterling’s battle with the Werewolf. The beast and its transformation looked fantastic and I’m excited to see what over creatures of terror may pop up during the series.

Wolvenheart was a thrilling read. What at first, seemed a simple tale of monsters and hunters quickly turned into an unexpected adventure through time. The issue did a great job of introducing us to Sterling and I hope future issues will expand, not only on him but also on this fascinating world he lives in.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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