Comics as The Way to Create Your Own Reality

Comics are a great way for individuals to put a spotlight on different subjects in society. They can be bold, dark, humorous, and poignant, and pass the same powerful messages across like other media. Comics have the power to make you laugh, cry, and even break your heart.

Thanks to the success of blockbuster superhero films, the once underappreciated comics are becoming more popular again. Let’s find out how you can use comics to create your own reality.

Come up with an idea

All great things start with an idea and your comic book is no different. Comics are a visual form of telling stories using a pair of images. It is a great way to not only express your ideas but also to showcase your artistry and innovation.

Having a notebook always in hand will help you greatly to put down your ideas whenever they pop up in your head. Whether it is electronic or paper, your notebook will be your greatest asset when coming up with an idea. Take the time to develop your idea because you never know where it will take you eventually.

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Create a script

Once you have your idea written down on either your electronic or paper notebook, it is time that you start developing it. A common mistake many beginners make is jumping straight into drawing before working out on their stories. Resist the urge to grab a blank piece of paper and diving in to draw because that is setting yourself up for failure.

Invest time in creating a script for your comic. A simple text editor or word processor will do the trick for you. Before writing the script, know your genre, understand the protagonist’s goals, develop a setting your audience can relate to and have a plot.

Develop a layout

With a complete script and an amazing plot to follow, you can set the layout for your drawing. The purpose of coming up with a layout is to create content that will keep the reader engaged throughout the storyline. Including a cliffhanger at the end of some pages will always keep your audience turning the pages.

Thumbnails are similar to storyboards and are an efficient way to develop a layout for your comic. Layouts help to iron out any composition problems before investing time in coloring and inking your drawings.

Draw the comic

The task of drawing a comic book is always daunting, particularly for beginners. At this stage, your work does not need to be perfect and you can only focus on drawing your comics. It is during the inking stage that you can work on perfecting the drawings.

Depending on personal preferences, you can choose to go to the traditional method of drawing or use a digital drawing platform. Select the right tool that is easy to use and provides all you need to come up with the perfect drawing.

Ink and color your comic book

Inking and coloring is the step that follows once the comic is drawn. It is not necessary for you to do both processes and can select another person to do the comic book coloring. Inking involves cleaning up the drawings and adding depth to them.

The most important part of developing your comic book is coming up with the colors since they can make or break a scene. Properly select colors and keep them consistent throughout your work to prevent confusing your readers.

Letter the comic

This is one of the steps that is often overlooked when creating a comic book. Your ideas and drawings may be great, but the audience will not read your story if the lettering is not right. Letter sounds effects here and there to add depth to a scene and add captions to endear the character to your readers.

Selecting the right size of fonts for your comic book is also important. Ensure that all installed fonts used in the comic book have a license to prevent any legal issues.

Sell and market your comic

Selling and marketing your complete comic book is the final step. It is not a very easy task but you can get the word out by telling friends, family, and sharing it on social media accounts.

The latter makes marketing efforts relatively easy since you can create a post daily telling people about your new comic. Use the post to tell people what your comic is about and how they can get it, but do not flood their timeline with sales pitches.


There is a lot of work required to come up with a comic book. If you are looking to create your reality using comics and have the skills, then these steps will come in handy for you. Making comics is an iterative and collaborative process and you can involve other artists if you do not know how to draw but have the ideas.

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