Coming in Print, February 2021: 2020 Eisner Award Winner ‘AfterLift’ by Chip Zdarsky and Jason Loo


Imagine you have decided to supplement your income doing what you enjoy doing: driving.  Especially if it gives you a chance to clear your head and get away from your problems. Why not get paid for it? That was the idea for Janice Chin. At least until one night, when she picked up a fare that took her farther than she ever expected. That is just the beginning of the story in Chip Zdarsky’s and Jason Loo’s Afterlift. In their Eisner award winning (2020 Best Digital Comic) 5 issue series from ComiXology Originals, they explored concepts of life, death, and all points in between. And what it ultimately revealed is that while many people look to get God’s forgiveness, it can be just as important to forgive yourself. That is assuming that you are able to evade demons, while navigating Purgatory, Hell and Heaven.

Coming to Print

And speaking of forgiving yourself, if you missed the original series, you’re in luck. Coming in February 2021, AFTERLIFT the graphic novel will be released. Enjoy the full 136 pages of Zdarsky’s and Loo’s master work, colored by Paris Alleyne, lettered by Aditya Bidikar and edited by Allison O’Toole. The collection also includes a Jason Loo Sketchbook with commentary by Chip Zdarsky as well as a process piece called Anatomy of a Page. For us readers, that sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? But what about the retailers? What’s in it for them…besides our business and undying gratitude?

Well if all of THAT isn’t enough for comic retailers to stock up, there is an additional incentive. If a retailer buys 5 copies of AFTERLIFT  by FOC (Final Order Cutoff November 2, 2020) they receive 5 free book plates (max of 20 per store) with original artwork designed by Jeff Lemire (Black Hammer, Essex County). These will be signed by the Eisner Award winning book’s writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jason Loo. Seems like a win – win!

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So be sure to catch Afterlift when it hits book stores on February 2nd, 2021 and Comic Stores on February 3rd. It’s sure to give you a “lift.”

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