Despite being one of the most reliable computers in the world, Macbooks also happen to cause some problems to their users now and then. It is understandable, though, as no computer is perfect. Nor will it last forever.


People who are more tech-savvy should not have too many issues solving Mac problems. However, the same cannot be said about those who are still relatively new. Knowing what you can expect beforehand can be of great help. And that is where this list of methods and solutions comes in. 


Problem #1 – Microphone


This particular issue is not something that happens often. When it comes to mic problems, it is usually something to do with the system settings rather than the hardware.


Before you consider taking the computer to a service store, check what the system settings for the microphone are. It might be that you simply need to make some readjustments. 


Also, there are instances when these problems exist only with particular applications. See if you have given permission to an application to use the microphone.


Problem #2 – Wi-Fi Connection

Internet connection is also something that can become a real bothersome. Yes, a lot depends on the internet provider, but your computer can also be the one causing all these issues.


The simplest solution would be to restart the computer or disconnect the internet connection and wait for a bit before attempting to reconnect. Unplugging the router and restarting it could also prove to be beneficial. 


Problem #3 – Battery


If you have a battery that does not last too long, you may want to consider purchasing a replacement. A service store should not have problems replacing your old battery with a new one.


On the other hand, it is possible to salvage the situation without changing the battery. You need to take some steps and preserve system resources so that the battery will last longer. Shutting down background applications, disabling visual effects, and enabling auto-brightness feature would be a big improvement.


It is also recommended to shut the Macbook down after you are finished using it. The method is more effective than putting the computer in a sleep mode. The sleep mode requires more battery life. 


Problem #4 – Internet Browser

Is an internet browser the only thing that you have problems with? If so, there are quite a few solutions to this issue.


For one thing, you have a plethora of available alternatives to what you currently use. Trying different browsers might prove to be the best course of action. At the same time, you may have too much attachment or information, such as bookmarks and browsing history. So switching is not always that simple.


If you want to stick with your old internet browser, here are some suggestions to improve its performance:


  • Remove unnecessary extensions and add-ons.
  • Clear caches regularly.
  • Keep the number of open browser tabs to a minimum.
  • Make sure that you are running the most recent version.


Problem #5 – Bluetooth


Trackpads, keyboards, and other accessories will not work if there are issues with Bluetooth. Errors about the unavailability of Bluetooth can become really annoying, especially if there is a particular third-party peripheral that you want to connect to the computer.


Restarting the computer is the first thing to do. If you are still in a predicament, take a look at the surroundings. It is possible that another device, such as your smartphone, is blocking the connection because it also has a Bluetooth enabled. 


Problem #6 – Stuttering and Crashes


The overall performance of a Macbook depends on a lot of factors. If you are experiencing crashes, stuttering, and constant freezes, do not expect these issues to solve themselves.


The problem might lie in something like malware and viruses. Even a trivial cybersecurity threat could cause significant issues to the overall performance of your computer. 


Another common cause is dust and dirt that accumulates inside. Plenty of people neglect to clean the filth inside. And before they know it, the Mac starts to overheat, or there is a loud noise coming from the internal fans. 


Do not let this happen to your computer as well. Be more cautious and take proper care of it. And in case you are not that confident in your skills of taking it apart and removing the dust, there is always an option to take the computer to a service store and let the professionals do the work. 


Problem #7 – Hard Drive

Running out of hard drive space on a Macbook is quite common. The disks do not offer that much storage in the first place. This means that you will need to be more careful with file management.


Removing useless data on a regular basis is a must. Also, it is a good piece of advice to make more use of external storage devices as well as cloud services.

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