The marketplace of console gaming has always been a complicated one. To protect their interests and their console’s safety, manufacturers have long maintained strict rules of game licensing. Over the last generation, however, the strictness of these marketplaces has opened significantly. So well-illustrated by the explosion of indie gaming, consoles are now far more welcoming than ever before.

One area where they traditionally lag, however, is in their offering of online casino games. An enormous part of the current interactive entertainment world, the exclusion of these games has long been a sticking point, but this could soon change.

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Why Online Casino Games?

Online casino games have always been popular, but recent years have seen them expand near exponentially. Today, offerings like online roulette games such as French Roulette, and Diamond Bet have drawn huge numbers, making them an undeniably important part of the online entertainment scene.

Making these games available on major consoles wouldn’t just create a more robust entertainment environment for existing players, it could also draw in new players where none existed before. These games might not be system sellers, but they could act as the final push for somebody sitting on the fence.

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Next-Gen Systems

What makes us think that the next-gen systems are so likely to allow online casino games comes down to their increasing emphasis on choice. In terms of hardware, recent console generations have opened significantly, with advanced versions like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X giving players a more advanced way to play. We also know this to be the case with the coming generation, with the digital-only PS5 and less-powerful Xbox Series S carving a path.

In terms of games, the latest-gen was one that placed a larger emphasis on indie and smaller game experiences. Online casino games may not operate strictly within this purview, but the general idea is one that we feel lends itself well to the casino infrastructure.

Rounding out the system front is the increased expectations which we have on next-gen browser integration. In the current and previous systems, browsers were limited, and their ability to interact with casino games was similarly so. Macromedia Flash played a central role in this equation, as a key element of older casino games which didn’t play well with consoles.

The new systems have been built from the ground up with greater importance placed on streamlined browser access. Online casinos will benefit from this, in how their games and systems, in general, have moved away from Flash and towards a more universally accepted HTML5 programming language.

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The Final Step

At this point, it seems likely, though not guaranteed, that the next generation of systems will support some form of online casino play. If this is true, then the following questions could be put towards the casinos themselves. Will they adapt their games to console systems as they did to smartphones? Is this even possible, or necessary given how streamlined casino game controls already are? Only time will tell, and with only a few months left until arrival, we won’t have to wait long to find out.

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