Cowboy Bebop may have been put on hold due to star John Cho’s knee injury in October of last year, but there’s already plans for a second season. This live-action adaptation of the beloved anime will star Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, and Alex Hassell. There’s no word as to when anything will resume production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but at least the crew behind the Netflix show will be ready to work once they’re able to again.

Writer and executive producer Jeff Pinker spoke to Observer:

Eneba Many GEOs

“I think that I’m very excited by our opportunity to take this iconic anime and bring it to life.”

Pinkner then went on a “notes call” for season two:

“I think that our actors are spectacular. The world that we’re creating down in New Zealand that we’re excited to get back to as soon as we can is a really fun, dynamic visualization of this insane anime. I think that because we have these hour-long episodes, we have an opportunity to take the anime and sort of like just deepen and dimensionalize the source material. Really tell stories set in that world in a way that hopefully will not only delight the fans of anime but expose a whole bunch of new people to the world of Cowboy Bebop, the awesome work of Yoko Kanno. It’s a delight. It’s entirely different from Lost in every way but it’s been a joy.”

Are you excited to see Cowboy Bebop brought to life?

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