Crawl Director Alexandra Aja Signed Up for Interactive Haunted House Film Under Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners


Alexandra Aja had success with Crawl and now is back in action for more horror movies. According to Collider, Aja has signed a deal to direct an untitled haunted house movie. Which, will be done with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Partners. Apparently, it’s an interactive horror film that will feature a branched narrative, essentially letting you choose your own adventure. Much like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Jeff Howard, Nick Simon, and Aja will write the script for the movie. Amblin Partners is working with Kino Industries’ CtrlMovie technology. This allows filmmakers to make a branched narrative for audiences. People will be able to use an app on their cell phones in order to vote in the theater to decide key moments in the movie. How this will necessarily play out will be interesting.

What do you think about this idea?