CD Projekt SA’s Cyberpunk 2077 game has suffered from serious financial loss due to its technical glitches. $1 billion in fact. On top of that, let’s consider that on top of the loss of money, it may also have lost its reputation. And we know that this harder to get back than money.

Over six days, the company has felt the impact of their shares plummeting. Due to the glitches, CD Projekt has offered an apology and refunds for gamers on previous-generation consoles. In addition, short sellers have started targeting their stock. The executives and owners of CD Projekt are going to have to work hard to prove that Cyberpunk can be playable for owners of these older-generation consoles.

Tomasz Rodak is an analyst at the BOS Bank SA and had this to say:

“There is now huge scar on the reputation of both the studio and its management. In only a couple of days, CD Projekt fell from the most adored studio to the most hated one. Restoring trust is not impossible, but would need much time and effort.”

CD Projekt is relying heavily on Cyberpunk 2077. They’re going to definitely have to do whatever they can to salvage this gameplay so they can make their stance in the world of gaming.

Source: Bloomberg

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