When the film Ghostbusters Afterlife was in the planning stages, the producers made sure to recruit as many as the original cast as they could. Of course, one of the cast members that would not be available was the late Harold Ramis who died in 2014. Ramis was one of the creators behind the original Ghostbusters and often wrote and worked with co-Star Dan Aykroyd.

Recently, while talking about the project with Entertainment Weekly, Aykroyd said that they made sure that Ramis would be well represented in the new film.

To have that formation without that man standing right there on the line with us was a pretty serious adjustment. He will be very well represented in the new film, I can tell you that. He’s very honorably represented.

Of course, Ghostbusters Afterlife is just one of the supernatural projects Aykroyd is working on. He is also the host of Hotel Paranormal which premieres on July 11 on the Travel Channel. As for the film, it too has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Source: EW

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