When the new Halloween was first announced with David Gordon Green directing and Danny McBride writing, I knew this film would deliver. Have you seen Vice Principals on HBO? If not then I highly recommend you do because it’s hilarious, dark and has a great cast led by McBride and Walton Goggins. Both Green and McBride were great choices to bring Michael Myers back to the big screen and back to his roots. Horror fans can finally rejoice because Myers is in good hands.  McBride spoke with Indiewire about the film and made it clear that he hopes fans will walk away satisfied and not feeling like their childhood was ruined – some fans feel like Rob Zombie’s Halloween films already did that.

McBride has this to say about their version of Halloween

“In this day and age, Hollywood is tapping into so many beloved franchises that it seems like any time anything comes out there’s the contingency of people that are stoked, and the contingency of people that are f-cking pissed off and saying you ruined their childhood somehow, I hope this thing tips more into the world of people liking it. I hope we don’t ruin too many childhoods.”

I don’t think you have anything to worry about Danny because so far everything we have seen and heard about Halloween is amazing and it says a lot that John Carpenter came back along with Jamie Lee Curtis.

Eneba Many GEOs

You might see McBride and Green as doing mostly comedies but McBride says Green is more than one genre

“I think it will be interesting for people to see what David Green has pulled off as a director, going from things like Stronger and Pineapple Express and being able to segue into something that’s just straight, gritty horror, I’m always impressed with the different genre hats that David finds himself putting on, and I think people will be pleased with what he’s done here.”

What was your first reaction to hearing Danny McBride was involved in the Halloween film? How do you feel about his comments? Halloween will not be a traditional reboot and is actually ignoring all films except the first one.  Leave us a comment below and go see Halloween only in theaters on October 19.

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