It’s a pretty well-known fact that movies go through heavy edits in the movie-making process. Scripts are often altered and scenes are deleted. Every movie has deleted scenes. Every film goes through edits and changes. This is something to keep in mind every time we see a film or even dislike a film. The idea of “director cuts” isn’t new, but certainly has become more of a pop culture phenomenon with such WB films as Justice League and Suicide Squad. It’s also pretty well-known that WB doesn’t often give its directors certain freedoms to produce the movie they want to.

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Everyone in comic-book fandoms knows about the #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement, but it’s come out that David Ayer also wasn’t able to put out the Suicide Squad film he wanted to. While I’m sure that there may be more people who liked Ayers’ version of Suicide Squad than there are people who enjoyed the “Joss Whedon” version of Justice League, there’s still things that would have been cool to see if Ayer had gotten to do what he wanted to.

What didn’t we see in Ayer’s original script? He revealed:

“Diablo survived originally,” Ayer said in a tweet. “Harley and Deadshot hooked up as a couple. This was changed during reshoots.”

Harley Quinn and Deadshot have hooked up before in the animated sense, but that would have changed the course of the film considering Harley and Mr. J were reunited at the end. I would have liked Diablo surviving though.

Suicide Squad was met with mixed reviews and even though I enjoyed it, Ayer has been on a spree lately of trying to apologize to fans who have voiced their displeasure of the film. The Suicide Squad is the upcoming sequel to the 2016 film and will be directed by James Gunn. You can’t make everyone happy, but hopefully, Ayer will be given more freedom from studios for other projects and Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will be a success.

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