DC Comic Review: Suicide Squad Black Files #6


It’s the invasion of the body snatchers! Okay, no not exactly.

But, we do pick up where we left off and that is a body switch between the formidable Katana and the dangerous Eve. It’s a battle between the two, as well as time, as well as Kobra. The evil Kobra wishes to stage an attack that will solidify him as one of the most notorious villains in human history, wishing to have his name replace some of the vilest men walk the Earth.

While the mission is deeply personal for Katana, she is aided by the Suicide Squad, which use their specific skill set to help combat the threat at hand. It is a non-stop action in this sixth installment of the Black Files series. You will very much enjoy watching all of the characters work together and their different personalities meshing with one another as they at first, are very confused seeing Katana in Eve’s body.

The stylistic illustration of this issue is done well and really captures the feeling of this mission being in space and bringing all characters from their own different worlds together. I would say this is an issue that you should pick up, as it has everything you want from a Suicide Squad comic book: great illustration, wall to wall action, and a great collection of group members in the mix.