Nexon has unveiled an exciting update for the free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG mobile game, MapleStory M. This update includes loads of additional content including the introduction of Star Force Liberation growth system, a Story Exploration Dungeon, improvements, and celebration events to celebrate the arrival of the Demon Slayer!  Once one of the most loyal commanders of the Black Mage, the Demon Slayer awakens on a quest for revenge. Get the details below!

Eneba Many GEOs

Once one of the Black Mage’s most loyal commanders, Demon Slayer has awakened on his mission for revenge. Using Demons Force, the Demon Slayer easily turns the tide of battle with his eye-catching skills and one-handed blunt weapons.

The update features character celebration events, including:

  • Growth Support Event rewarding players who reach certain level milestones with Demon Slayer with exclusive rewards, such as the Koala Pet, Briser Hammer and Demon Throne from now until October 17
  • Through October 17, one burning character can be selected through the 1 + 2 Mega Burning Event to level up three times faster than normal up to level 100


Update improvements include the addition of a Story Exploration Dungeon, which opens with two episodes, including Ellinel Fairy Academy and Riena Strait. Additional improvements include a new refining system, which allows players to grow gears from Sharenian’s Culvert and the introduction of Star Force Liberation, which is a new Zodiac-themed growth system that unlocks the dormant strength in the equipment’s Star Force enhancement levels.

A selection of limited-time events are also available, including:

  • Around the World with Miyo Event: Running from September 24 through November 11, this event rewards players with items such as Bellflower Root Pet, Miyo’s Choice Box, which includes Eternal Flame of Rebirth, Unique Potential Scroll (100%), Choice of Cube and more
  • Full Moonlight Maple Event: Until October 2, players can raise the Maple Tree by dancing to the moon to obtain “Bliss Fruits” in this limited-time event.
  • Maple Tour Event: From October 8 to October 23, players can explore different areas and battle various bosses across the Maple world while obtaining Event coins, which can be exchanged with in-game items including Weapon/Armor Emblem Potential Scroll, Life of Water, Innocence Scroll and more.
  • Nighttime BBQ Event: Starting October 1 to October 16, Maplers can cook BBQ dishes requested by NPC Full Moon bunny to obtain special rewards such as Orange/Red EXP tickets and Auto-Battle tickets.
To learn more about MapleStory M, visit the App Store or Google Play page and follow @PlayMapleM on Twitter for the latest updates.
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