Disney+ is launching GroupWatch in the United States. This “watch party” feature will allow subscribers to invite up to six friends to stream a film or TV show together. You can be wherever in the U.S. and be able to enjoy their titles together. What sets Disney Plus’ GroupWatch different from other watch parties? GroupWatch won’t include a text chat feature. This is done to not have viewers distracted from the project being watched. This is according to Disney.

However, Disney+ is allowing real-time reactions with six different emojis: “like,” “funny,” “sad,” “angry,” “scared” and “surprised”.

This GroupWatch design is not a new thing. In fact, it was in the works before COVID hit. Though, the outbreak and lockdowns have sped up the need for it since people are not able to see each other or go to movie theaters.

SVP of product management for Disney Streaming Services, Jerrel Jimerson; put out a statement:

“Movies and TV shows are by their nature social, and people want to watch them together.”

GroupWatch will be available on all titles in the Disney Plus library across mobile, connected TV devices, smart TVs, and across the web. Keep in mind, each account is limited to four simultaneous streams.

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Jimerson put out a statement in regards to the lack of text chat:

“We were really focused on making it easy to use for friends and family… and making sure the viewing experience wasn’t tarnished.”

Are you excited for GroupWatch?

Source: Variety

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