Plot: Jan, a cleaner and bartender, decides to breed a racehorse in her Welsh village. As the horse rises through the ranks, Jan and the townspeople are pitted against the racing elite in a race for the national championship.

  • The movie has two phenomenal leads in Toni Collette and Damien Lewis. That is your first initial buy-in when watching the trailer.
  • The trailer has what I expect to be an inspirational film based on the fact that not only is a true story but it looks like one that has a lot of heart.
  • The film show a town coming together for one cause and that type of film will be cheesy but at the same time, you won’t be able to hold back rooting for the leads.

The Verdict: The trailer does a good job of selling you on the story, it shares a little about what the movie will be about, a tiny background on our main protagonist and tugs at the heart of what makes someone with a dream unstoppable.  I am a big fan of the two leads in this film and I do think this could be a nice little sleeper hit this spring.

Dream Horse hits theaters May 1, 2020

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