Drink A Beer With ‘Aquaman’? Jason Momoa Says Yes

Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Conan) always come across as this care-free, never say die attitude. He seems like the nicest most down to Earth guy in the world who if you asked him to have a beer he would probably slap an ice cold Guinness in your hands and say bottoms up. Well he might not say “bottoms up” but he for sure would slap an ice cold Guinness in your hands since he seems to be the unofficial spokesperson for the company. I always imagine that the roles Momoa plays are just extensions of who he is in real life. During a recent appearance on Conan, Momoa had this to say about Aquaman:

“He’s definitely a blue collar man. He’s raised by his father, he worked on bikes and trucks, and his dad was all-American. He’s definitely someone you can sit down and have a beer with. You can’t do that with Superman, you can’t do that with Batman. You can’t have a beer with Wonder Woman.”

So there you have it! Aquaman in Momoa’s opinion is cooler than Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. How do you feel about these comments? Would you like to have a beer with Aquaman? Drop us a comment below or head over Twitter and give us a follow @GeekVibesNation to continue the discussion.


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