Edward Furlong Returning to Terminator: Dark Fate


Big news from SDCC! Terminator: Dark Fate is the upcoming film in James Cameron’s Terminator franchise and it seems that the long-awaited Edward Furlong is returning as John Connor.

Furlong has not played John Connor since Terminator 2, which is coincidentally where Dark Fate will be taking after. Subsequentially ignoring the films in between. There had been leaked photos last June with what looked like a casting double for John Connor. It was revealed that the young actor was Jude Collie, it was declared that the actor was actually a CGI stand-in. It’s possible that we could be seeing Furlong’s young face in the film.

James Cameron explained at the time of this:

“I think the best way to think about Terminator: Dark Fate is to think about it as a direct sequel to Terminator 2, the third film in a series, if you will. We’ll be continuing with Sarah’s story, John’s story, and the T-800 returns — a different T-800 with a very different role to play than what we’ve seen before.”

What do you think about Furlong returning?

Source: Bloody Disgusting