eSports and Online Gambling: What To Expect

The world of eSports has expanded rapidly in the last decade, moving from a niche pursuit favored by a small audience of enthusiasts to a mainstream activity that regularly attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers to major events featuring professional gamers.

As you might expect, the rise of online gambling in relation to eSports has occurred side by side with the growth of this marketplace, allowing fans to place bets on their favorite players and teams.

Where to play

This is perhaps the most important consideration for anyone who is thinking about betting on eSports, as there are a growing number of sites which offer odds on the most popular competitions, which can make picking the right one difficult. If you are already into the eSports scene and are interested in how it has been embraced by web-based bookmakers, here is a look at what to expect as you dip your toe into this subculture and become one of the poker players from all over the world

As you might expect, it makes sense to opt for a reputable operator like when you are making your initial forays into online betting. You can also narrow down your selection according to the kinds of new player incentives that operators offer, although be sure to check the small print when you sign up as minimum wagering requirements may need to be satisfied before you can make a withdrawal if you take advantage of a deal.

Which events are covered?

Because the eSports market is still comparatively young, you can expect that the number of events on which odds are offered and bets can be placed will not be as varied as more established sports like football or horse racing.

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Furthermore, you can typically expect to be limited to a handful of games which are well supported both by developers and by the player base; so do not expect to be able to wager on the outcome of smaller face-offs on obscured titles.

If you are a fan of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch or Call of Duty then you should be able to bet on the various championships that are held over the course of the year.

Of course as eSports gains popularity and more titles build up competitive, professional scenes around them, this list of exciting games covered should continue to expand. It is simply a case of keeping your ear to the ground.

What tactics should you use?

While anyone can bet on eSports whether or not they are particularly passionate about the game being played or the personalities involved, you will be far better equipped to make good decisions about where to put your money if you are already seriously interested in this industry.

Anyone who regularly watches eSports tournaments on Twitch and keeps up with their favorite pros on their own channels, as well as via social media, while also consuming plenty of coverage so that you know what their biggest rivals are up to, will have an insight into how future matches might play out.

Likewise if you are not familiar with eSports at this point, now is the time to start immersing yourself in the games and crucially playing them for yourself, as this is the best way to get an understanding of their mechanics and thus glean insights into the abilities of the pros.

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Finally it is also worth maintaining a level head when approaching this and any other form of online gambling. Set yourself a budget for betting that you can afford, stick to it and be sensible with your money, win or lose, to enjoy this pastime safely.

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