Eternals: Breakdown of Marvel’s Cast and Role For The Upcoming Cosmic Film…So Far

Now that we know for certain that The Eternal’s are indeed part of Phase 4 for Marvel Studios, it’s time to explore which characters are part of the film thus far. With that in mind, here is the breakdown of the known cast and who they are playing, courtesy of Comicbook.Com.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Thena, who was born Azura, is the daughter of  Zara and Cybele. She is the Cousin of Thanos and StarFox.

Abilities: Her powers include superhuman agility, durability, speed, stamina, and strength. In addition she has a regenerative healing factor, cosmic energy manipulation that allows for photokinesis, thermokinesis, and telekinesis. She also has telepathy, concussive blast, molecular manipulation, and teleportation abilities.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Ikaris is the son of Virako and Tulayn. He is the cousin of Druig, Ajak, Sprite, and Sersi.

Abilities: His powers include immortality, superhuman strength, durability, and stamina as well as regeneration, flight, psionics and laser vision.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Kingo Sunen

Abilities: Master swordsman

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Makkari daughter of Vernon and Mara.

Abilities: Once gave up all other powers to increase superhuman speed. Typical strength, flight, and stamina of other Eternals characters.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Phastos

Abilities: Enhanced metabolism, reduced aging, genius-level intellect inventor and engineer.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Ajak, daughter of Rakar and Amaa and cousin of Ikaris.

Abilities: Excellent hand to hand combatant on top of other typical Eternals powers. Will served as leader in the film.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Name: Sprite, cousin of Arex, Ajax, Ikaris and Sersi.

Abilities: Trickster, master illusionist, but unfortunately can’t grow and is stuck in a child’s body.

This is the cast as known but that doesn’t mean there might not be additions. For one, the character of Sersi is not present although it was long rumored that Angelina Jolie would be filling that role. Are you excited to see The Eternals as part of Phase 4 of Kevin Feige’s master plan? Share your thoughts of the cast so far with us at GeekVibesNation.