It’s been fifteen years since we last saw Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Disney+ will be bringing us an all-new series centered around the fan-favorite character. Considering it’s been so long though, what’s it like for McGregor? Luckily, McGregor spoke about this, as well as the delays that worried some fans:

“We start shooting at the very beginning of next year, they’re in pre-production from this summer, there are scripts that I’ve read that are really good, they’re continuing to write on them to make them even better, and we start very early next year. I’m excited about it. I think the last one I shot was in 2003, so it’s been a while. It’ll just be there, I think. Also, I’m reminding myself by watching their new films and The Mandalorian and stuff, I really enjoyed. I keep myself as current as I can with the Lucasfilm world. I don’t think it will take two minutes; I’ll put the cloak back on and I’ll be there, I think.”

Are you excited for the upcoming Obi-Wan series?

Source: CB

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