“The world has enough superheroes.”

That is the tagline for the new Venom trailer, released only about an hour ago. What a great line to have that really sets the tone for what fans can expect when watching this movie. I just literally ran to watch the trailer and I have so many thoughts swirling in my mind right about now. Venom is a Sony production that is in association with Marvel; essentially maybe but not maybe existing within the MCU. We can perhaps pretend.

Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a journalist who becomes entangled with a secret lab experiment that introduces him to the Venom symbiote. I have personally been a fan of Tom Hardy since I saw him in the movie Lawless. In my mind, I have never seen a project of Hardy’s that has disappointed me and it is great to see him as an actor that had a strong underground following to now mainstream attention. Someone as talented as him deserves it and after he transformed the role of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, I was ready for him to be in another superhero film. Hardy was originally meant to play Rick Flagg in Suicide Squad, but that part eventually went to Joel Kinnaman.

My adoration for Tom Hardy was partly the reason why I was so disappointed by the first trailer to the Venom movie. It was so lackluster and after conferring with some of my associates, I believe this is why I still don’t feel a huge spark for the film, despite this new trailer being awesome. I want to say, this does not mean I won’t see it in theaters. I’ll be there and I’ll probably be proven wrong.

What I love most about this trailer and the feel we’re getting for the film is that it’s something akin to a horror movie. We won’t have the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man swinging from trees and receiving praise from crowds of people. This is a dark, twisted movie with what seems like plenty of secrets to be explored and the bad consequences that result from such snooping. I love how stressed Eddie seems to be and the constant inner turmoil between him and Venom. We see Eddie sweating most of the times, showing the toll this is taking on both his body and mind.

Over all, this was the best trailer yet and I’m becoming more and more interested in this film. Now with the Disney and Fox merger, it seems that Sony might be the only one staying in their own lane. Going a darker route than the MCU may work for them as we’ve seen how well a darker tone in the shows has benefited Marvel.


Venom will be released in theaters on October 5, 2018.

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