Marvel films have a reputation of being quite humorous. Though, arguments can be made that there are a lot more adult themes than you think there are. They’re just well-hidden among the laughter. Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow film certainly seems to have some lighthearted moments. Such as David Harbour’s Alexei joyous over his Red Guardian suit still fitting. But, considering we’re exploring the Red Room in the film, I have to imagine that it gets heavy sometimes. After all, the Red Room is a program designed to make soldiers out of young girls. And a place where women have surgeries performed on them when they “graduate”.

Florence Pugh, who plays Yelena Belova in the film, commented on the theme of the Cate Shortland-directed movie:

“One of the most interesting things about the film is how far Cate went with it. This film is about the abuse of women. It’s about how they get involuntary hysterectomies by the age of eight. It’s about girls who are stolen from around the world. It’s so painful, and it’s so important.”

Pugh continued:

“Part of the excitement for me is that women and girls from around the world are going to see this, and are going to see an abuse story that really was challenged by its own victims. For a Marvel film to be reaching all of those levels, it is so exciting. The best thing about that is, it’s not layered with this color of grey. You’ll see these women strive and be strong, and they’re assassins – and yet they still need to discuss how they were abused. It’s an incredibly powerful piece.”

There’s talk of Black Widow being pushed back due to COVID-19. Hopefully, we’ll see it at some point in the near future. So we can enjoy the work Shortland has crafted for us.

Are you excited for Black Widow?

Eneba Many GEOs

Source: Games Radar

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