Yesterday, EIC of Making Star Wars Jason Ward has reported that pop/geek culture enthusiast and YouTuber Corey Van Dyke, a.k.a. @Corey_WolfPack on Twitter, has gone missing. Social media seems to be the main medium to spread the word. A post has also been made to a Star Wars sub-Reddit.

The same thing was also posted to MakingStarWars’ Facebook page. From the looks of it, his health was in question due to significant weight loss.

MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad also got on board for the search.

Corey is host of the First Order Transmissions: A Pop Culture Podcast. The three known locations were checked on, but no information that could lead to his location. It was reported that he was making a move from Winter Park to Chicago, but it sounds like he hasn’t left Florida, considering his last known location.

Eneba Many GEOs

If you can, spread the word along with Corey’s photo, please.

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