This week’s For All Mankind had my jaw slowly falling to the floor and staying there until the very end. In a shocking display of force, the Apple TV+ series not only killed off a recurring character. But, it also threw the show into a possible war. Since the beginning of the series, there’s been tension between the United States and the Soviet Union. Episode 7 pushed those tensions further to the brink of mutually assured destruction. Not only was a lot shuffled around here, but the repercussions in episode 7 have the potential of being detrimental.


Let’s get into some spoilers here. First of all, I love Ellen coming into her new role here. Albeit was due to immense tragedy, but I’m glad the show is seemingly retconning the possibility of Ellen leaving NASA. Ellen has a lot of responsibility on her shoulders now, but she seems to be excelling at it.

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Big Spoilers

Now there are two storylines in this episode that really have me thinking “you know better”. One being Margo’s naivety when it comes to Sergei. In the context of the show, I don’t think she should trust him. I agree with her morals that telling Sergei about a potentially dangerous flaw in design is the right thing to do. But, do we really think that this won’t backfire? It makes me worried for Margo – she’s always been a level-headed person and I hope this doesn’t fall into the trope of woman makes wrong decisions because she has feelings for someone.

Major Spoilers

The other thing is – what the heck, Karen!? Karen? Danny? Okay…listen, I know Karen and Ed have been having clear marital problems, but let me come at this from a purely shameless position. Karen, you have Ed – have you seen Ed? And you’re going to go kiss Danny? I know that may be a shallow way of looking at it, but…c’mon. Also, Danny Stevens is the son of Gordo and Tracy – the friends of Ed and Karen. Karen took care of Danny when he was a small boy playing with Shane. Was there truly no other man in the story that the writers could think of picking when they decided to write Karen having an affair? I don’t know – it’s a far left turn for Karen to even be cheating on Ed and the fact that it’s with someone barely out of high school makes it even weirder.

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Rating: 4.5/5

What did you think of episode 7? Let me know!

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