Apple TV+’s For All Mankind returns with the first episode of its second season. Season one rewrote history and season two continues to push that trend. The first few minutes of season two already throw in some curveballs, showing that it wasn’t just the space race that was changed. We can see that some things changes were for the best and others, may have very serious consequences.

Where Are We In Season Two?

Let’s back up. We’re in the 80s now. As a society, we love reliving the 80s. And I have to say, I’m loving the feel so far in season two. Due to the rewrites in history, the 80s in the Apple TV+ world are a little more advanced than we are. Going to the moon and being in space is far more of the norm than it was back then. And electric cars are being introduced in a more mainstream fashion. It almost looks like an 80s utopia; except for the fact that tensions are rising with the Soviet Union. And if the trailer was indicating anything, it is that the Cold War may spill over at any moment.

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Things Sure Have Changed

Things have certainly changed in the near-decade since season one. We see Joel Kinnaman’s Ed Baldwin become a big wig over at NASA and Molly and Ellen still going up into space. Now, the United States has a space station called Skylab where it seems moon exploration is a constant thing. Preparation for Mars exploration is advancing. Ed and Karen (Shantel VanSanten) have moved away from their traditional 1950s-Esque marriage, with a daughter. And Tracy has a new man.

What Episode One Offers

The first half of the episode was a stylish display of how the United States has advanced due to lunar exploration. We see most of our season one characters excelling in the world they helped create – though some, like Gordo (Michael Dorman) are doing less than good. The second half is a heart-pounding, edge of your seat tease as you watch to see if our team on the moon can survive an unexpected threat. You feel as if you’re cruising and just enjoying the scenery with episode one, until it reminds you that there are real dangers in space.

Rating: 4/5

Overall, I think “Every Little Thing” was a great way to set the stage for what we can expect in season two. I really enjoyed season one (you can read the review here) and I’m looking forward to everything season two has to offer.

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