The second season of For all Mankind hits Apple TV+ tomorrow. Star Joel Kinnaman recently spoke to Screen Rant to talk about where we see Ed Baldwin (Kinnaman) in season two:

For All Mankind skipped ahead nine years this season. What is it like for you as an actor to step into this new phase of Ed’s life, and how do you track that journey?

Joel Kinnaman: Yeah, it’s really interesting coming in 9 or 10 years later into a character’s life, especially when the last time we saw him, he was in a very dark place and his family had suffered the sort of ultimate tragedy. It becomes a really interesting proposition for a character: where are those traumas now? As an actor, that’s the challenge. Playing that trauma that this character has gone through is at the forefront of my imagination.

Kinnaman continued:

But the writers have taken this a couple of steps further. After 10 years, things aren’t on the surface. Those wounds are never going to completely heal, but they’re not going to be on the outside and you’re not gonna see them. They did a fantastic job of putting Ed into a mind space where he was the opposite of what we would have expected. He’s sacrificed some of his passions and his dreams just to be there and be present with his family, and he has found some kind of peace. He actually seems like a more peaceful and happier guy, at first at least. And then the hurt and the pain comes out in a way you just didn’t expect it to. I thought that was really well done, and it was really fun and challenging to play.

Screen Rant then went on to ask:

Ed is now in more of a command position on the ground. How does that change his dynamic with friends like Gordo and Danielle?

Joel Kinnaman: Yeah, it’s that thing where all of a sudden you’re in a position of power, and you can make a decision that will help your friend’s life. One of my favorite things about the second season is the continuation of the friendship between Ed and Gordo. It’s really one of the greatest friendships that I’ve seen portrayed, and it is also me and Michael playing it. We’ve really become close and dear friends over the course of this, so it’s something that really went hand in hand.

If you had to sum up Ed’s journey this season, as vaguely or as succinctly as you want, how would you do it?

Joel Kinnaman: It’s the push and pull of being there for your family and making a sacrifice to be present with your family, but also the question of who will be there if you have given up your passions and your dreams. Then of course, there’s no boiling hot Cold War without a volatile Ed Baldwin in the mix of it.

You can read the full interview (and you should) over at Screen Rant. Who else is excited for the new season For All Mankind?

Source: Screen Rant

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