Fortnite is now becoming known for its tie-in events, more recently allowing players to fight against the Mad Titan Thanos in their Avengers: Endgame event. Epic Games are back at it again now introducing the stylish assassin, John Wick.

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Wicks Bounty

The event has added a whole host of goodies, the largest of which is a limited timed gamemode titled Wicks Bounty. The gamemode pits squads of bounty hunters against each to collect as many gold tokens as possible by eliminating other bounty hunters. The winners are the team who can fulfill the order first. It isn’t quite as simple of course, collecting the most tokens marks your team as the target for everyone else putting a whole lot of crosshairs on your head.

After getting some hands-on with the gamemode I have to say it feels way more like regular Fortnite than the Avengers gamemode, with the real differences being limited respawns you have and the fact you get to keep all your loot after you die. The added tension of trying to stay alive after collecting a heap of tokens could add an extra layer of fun for some but It could also leave regulars players feeling a little underwhelmed.

A New Suit

Like always with Fortnite you can’t have a new event or update without some fresh new cosmetics to try out and the Wicks Bounty event is no different. It was also a cool touch that no matter what skin you choose in the Wicks Bounty gamemode you wear a sleek black suit or skirt.

For any free to play players out there, you can earn some sweet free rewards such as the new Gold Token Back Bling, One Shot Glider, Boogeyman Wrap, and some nice bonus XP by simply completing challenges.


For those of you willing to fork out some cash, you can get your hands on the official John Wick skin (which has a default and damaged version, showing some tears in his suit and a little more blood) as well as the Simple Sledge Pickaxe, Assassin Pack back bling and, Assassin Wrap.


I wouldn’t blame you for thinking John Wick was already in Fortnite with many players boasting their own “John Wick” skin for some time now. That is actually known as the Reaper skin and whilst it was never official, it was a clear nod to the character of John Wick. Now fans can play as the real deal.

Eneba Many GEOs

Will you be playing the Wicks Bounty event over the weekend and are you excited for John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum? Let us know down below or over on Twitter.

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