Has A Resolution Between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller Been Reached Over ‘Friday The 13th’?

Fans of the Friday the 13th franchise might be interested in this. According to Larry Zerner (entertainment lawyer and Friday the 13th Part 2 actor) has updated fans on the status of the legal battle over the franchise’s rights.

Zerner has stated that the legal battle between Sean Cunningham/Horror Inc. and original screenwriter Victor Miller is over. It seems that Horror Inc. failed to file a “cert petition by the 4 pm deadline” and that Victor Miller is “allegedly still” the “official rights holder to the original Friday the 13th screenplay (in the US only).”

Zerner wrote on Twitter:

“It’s 4 pm and I still don’t see a cert petition filed with the Supreme Court in the Friday the 13th case. What does this mean? Well, it means the case is officially over and Victor Miller owns the rights to his screenplay in F13 (but only in the US).”

Zerner continued:

“Can Victor and Sean just each make their own separate movies? Not really, because Victor only owns US rights and only to the first script and Sean owns adult, hockey mask-wearing Jason but can’t legally use him in a movie without Victor’s permission. It’s complicated.”

To simplify it, Miller could theoretically give a studio permission to produce a remake of Friday the 13th. However, it would only be able to be viewed/released in the United States. Sean Cunningham wouldn’t be able to legally use the character Jason Voorhees in a project without permission from Victory.

What do you think of this case?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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