Games Set For Release in February 2022

Recently, there has been quite a diversity in the gaming world. It is quite easy to get lost on what to play next and what deserves more attention. In the past we usually have several platforms to focus on and that’s it. We are all aware of what would be coming up in the next month. But right now, you just don’t really know where the good stuff comes from.

An awful lot of AAA titles, a huge number of platforms, new hardware, an ever-increasing number of indie games, cloud gaming, upcoming expansions, and so much more makes the world of gaming quite impossible to follow nowadays. But don’t worry, you can get back on track! That’s why we’re here!

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It’s almost 2022 and new games are literally around the corner. February of 2022 is going to be a huge month for the gaming world and we are going to show you some big February titles that will require your attention in order of release date!

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

Release date: February 1, 2022

Platforms: Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One

The first big thing releasing in February is the Life is Strange Remastered Collection. Life is Strange is a graphic adventure episodic game played in the third person about head-banging quests, puzzles, dialogue decisions, and supernatural powers, unique for each game in the series.

The first instalment of the franchise got released back in 2015, its prequel Life is Strange: Before the Storm in 2017, Life is Strange 2 and its spin-off The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit came out in 2018 and 2019, and a fifth game in the series – Life is Strange: True Colors was out in 2021.

You can easily conclude that the series is quite successful, not only judging by the number of sequels and prequels but also by the number of awards won by the franchise. If you never got your hands on any of the Life is Strange games, this is a great collection for you to get into.

The collection will feature improved visuals, upgraded lighting, a new engine, and full-motion facial animations which will be released on the 1st of February! It will consist of remakes of the original Life is Strange Remastered and Life is Strange: Before the Storm Remastered. A great way to get into the franchise!

Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Release date: February 4, 2022
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the follow-up of the 2015 parkour open-world survival game and will be stuffed full of free-running zombies. This sequel takes place 20 years after the original game and things are looking even worse for humans as times are described by the developers as the modern ‘Dark Ages’.

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The new main protagonist Aiden Caldwell is a freelance runner specialized in helping the citizens of one of the last populated communities in Europe -“The City”.

Despite featuring more moves to dodge your enemies, a larger arsenal of weapons to choose from, a bigger map, and a crafting system, the gameplay will still be unforgiving to the player!

Weapons will degrade over time, all kinds of new zombies will be coming from all sides and to top it all off, other factions, bandits, and outlaws are also after you! Would you be able to Stay Human?! Well, you’ll get to find out in February!



Release date: February 8, 2022

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5

Unlike the rest of the games on this list, Sifu stands out by not being a remake, sequel, or spiritual successor of another game. Sifu is a beat ’em up action-adventure entirely centred around Kung Fu.

As a kung fu student on the trail to hunt down the assassins who murdered his family, you will have to master over 150 moves to survive! But even if you fail, that will not be the end, as the game features a revival mechanism that will magically bring you back to life.

You get resurrected as an older fighter, with more powerful attacks but get more vulnerable as well. Don’t get us wrong, Sifu is not going to be an easy game at all. If you didn’t get the moral of the story the first time you got smoked, you will be in an even worse position. So, make sure you return smarter and wiser each time!

Horizon Forbidden West

Release date: February 18, 2022
Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

One of the finest PlayStation exclusives is getting a sequel? Wait a minute, an exclusive? Well, for the record it was one of the games Sony decided to bring to PC. So, PC gamers, you should also be all ears on this one!

Anyways, after several delays, Horizon Forbidden West is set to arrive in all its glory this February for the PS4 and PS5. The original game had set the bar quite high and we are all expecting quite a lot. In Forbidden West, Aloy will have to travel to a new mysterious frontier to find the source of a plague that kills everything.

The gameplay trailers showcased that the game is looking even more alive, as the terrains are even more colourful and beautiful. Water exploration and revamped climbing mechanics will both be heavily implemented, so expect entirely new kinds of enemies and new skills that Aloy will be sure to employ in her adventures. The ranged and melee combat will be enhanced as well and the game’s world is expected to be enormous.

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Elden Ring

Release date: November 12, 2021
Platforms: Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

The fact that Elden Ring is getting released in February is probably not going to be news for you at all. Well, if you fall into the abysmal percentage of people that are unaware of the release date of this highly anticipated title, you will be pleased to know that we have less than 3 months before Elden Ring sees sunlight.

As a FromSoftware game, the hype is ridiculously big as well because neither one of the Dark Souls games, Sekiro or Bloodborne has yet to fail in meeting our high expectations.

Elden Ring is the most ambitious FromSoftware game so far, and they even hired George R.R. Martin as a consultant to create a twisted but convincing world in the Dark Souls Universe. The setting of the game – The Lands Between will be an entirely open world and you will have to recover the stolen Elden Ring pieces to become the Elden Lord.

Of course, we all know that you will be dying a lot. The recently released beta demo that some of us were blessed to try showed us heavy magic use, Sekiro-style stealth elements, horrific bosses, destructible terrains, a complex crafting system, improved co-op and so much more. Just wait until February!!!

To Conclude

February is going to be a huge month for the gaming world for sure and we are all waiting on the edge of our seats to taste the titles above. 2021 was a great year for the gaming world as the new console generation arrived with a blast, but 2022 looks like it might be even more significant in terms of video games themselves.

Every new generation of consoles is starting with somewhat weak launch titles. The developers need some time to make the jump and completely focus their work on executing the new generation of games. 2022 is knocking on the door just in time for this.

Do you think that developers should leave the last generation of platforms for good, forcing us to buy new hardware in the face of the Xbox Series X, PS5, and more powerful PCs? Or should gaming companies continue to deliver top-tier games for much more common hardware still? Comment below and let us know!

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