2020 has easily been the ‘strangest’ year that most of us will remember and whilst the year has of course given the world many things that we didn’t want or didn’t need, we have also had the time to come up with new ventures and tick off a few things of that never ending ‘to do list’

Actor Christopher Showerman (Supergirl, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, George of The Jungle 2) has a new venture – a weekly video series in which the actor helps folks stay in shape during the pandemic and lockdown.

Says Showerman, “The Path Of Leashed Resistance is a system I developed in response to a torrent of requests for how to stay in shape without going broke during the pandemic lockdown.  For many of us, fitness is a vital part of our daily routine, not only for our physical well being, but also to maintain a healthy mental state.  But with public gyms closed and the available workout equipment remaining priced in some cases over 500% of their typical value, a lot of people I know felt like their options were very limited.”

The videos will be released on The Path Of Leashed Resistance channel on YouTube and on several social media platforms.

GVN: You’ve had such an interesting career, Christopher. I believe you moved from Michigan to Hollywood to pursue acting?

Chris: That’s right.  I have a lot of respect for anyone who is willing to leave the security of everything they’ve known to pursue a dream.  In my opinion, if you have the guts to take that first step, you’re already winning!


And how long after arriving in Hollywood did you land the title role in Disney’s “George of the Jungle 2”?

I had been in Los Angeles for 5 years before I got the opportunity to audition for Jordan Kerner and Gregg Hoffman (GOTJ2 Producers) to don the George loincloth.  My journey to that point didn’t have any logical progression.  I had done some smaller roles in even smaller titles.  I worked every chance I got.  In fact, not a lot has changed since then!


What was involved in that audition? Surely they didn’t ask to see how ‘ripped’ you were?

Nope.  In fact, they never even asked to see me with my shirt off until just before we left to film.  That said, they had set me up with a highly respected trainer, Rodney Johnson, who knew exactly what shape they wanted me in.  In that initial audition, I think they merely wanted to feel that I was George.  I was convinced that I was and I think that went a long way in convincing them.  They took a big risk throwing an unknown into the lead role.


And was there a chemistry test with Julie Benz and Angus T.Jones?

Yes!  I got to audition with a bunch of really talented actresses.  Julie was an amazing talent and brought a prestige and a following from her time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  I didn’t meet Angus until we met on set.  We instantly hit it off!!  At 8 years old, he had already built up an impressive resume, and this was years before he landed his plumb role on 2 And A Half Men.


After “George”, I imagine you were offered similar roles?

Surprisingly, there weren’t that many jungle king roles to choose from after that.  On the up-side, I got to try on an eclectic array of roles.


How have your tastes changed since those days. Are you now pursuing parts and projects that you probably wouldn’t have considered back then?

As a fan of the cinema, I have always loved all genres!  As an actor, I relish the opportunity to try on various roles.   However, I think I am better equipped now to do more justice to some of the more complex roles that I wouldn’t have been offered when I was younger. 


You also directed an independent film of your own – working with the legendary Dee Wallace. How did your first stint at directing go?

Working with Dee was one of the huge honors of my early career.  My friend David Venghaus Jr. Directed a western I wrote called Between The Sand & The Sky.  Dave brought with him an army of crew from a movie he was assistant director on that just wrapped, called Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was my first time producing anything and thanks to the clout Dave had in the industry, we had the best A list talent behind and in front of the camera – all working together pro-bono for this tiny no-budget project with a lot of heart.  A few years later I got the opportunity to direct a music drama I wrote called Radio America.  It was the most intense educational experience I have ever had, and the end result is now distributed by Lionsgate.

I imagine it has been a quiet year for you, as an actor, since we’re in a pandemic. Is that part of the reason you decided to create your own fitness series?

Ha!  I never intended to make an exercise video series at all!  This all started because I was exercising with some friends during the pandemic.  All the gyms were closed so they were looking to purchase some equipment to build a home gym.  The price of fitness equipment was astronomical.  This forced me to think outside the box to see how we could leverage our body weight and the existing environment to get a full body workout.  I realized that with a couple of heavy duty nylon dog leashes and something sturdy to hook onto, you could get a fantastic full body workout that was not only effective but also really fun to do! 

It occurred to me that there might be other people stuck in a similar situation with limited fitness options who could benefit from knowing this stuff.  I felt this information should be free and available to anyone with the drive to actually do it.  And THAT’S why we started shooting this series of fun, energetic, fast paced one minute tutorials…and The Path Of Leashed Resistance was born!


Have you yourself been doing some of these routines for quite a while now?

I love exercising with the leashes.  They are compact and easy to take anywhere and get in a few quick sets when you are out and about.  I just did an epic back workout this morning exclusively with the leashes!  The first inkling of the leashed workout began in July 2020 and I have been developing new ways to hit all the muscles ever since!

Do you get recognized when you’re out doing these videos?

Not unless I’m wearing a loin cloth.  And even then, I’m only recognized by the police. J  However, people are CONSTANTLY stopping and asking about the leashed workout and how they can do it themselves.  People quickly recognize that it is such a simple and unique way to work out with things you can easily access.  That really speaks to a lot of people from all walks!


Any interest in having a network bring the series to television?

I never saw myself as a fitness guru, but it would be phenomenal to leverage the reach of a network to bring this information to a larger audience.  My hope is that a lot of people would benefit from it!


In terms of your acting, had you been shooting anything before the pandemic set in?

Right before the world came to a screeching halt in March, I got to shoot a phenomenal script written by Gabriel Moura and directed by Humberto Rosa called The Method.  Without giving too much away, it is a modern day thriller in the vein of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 

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