“I’ve definitely played some squirrely characters before”, admits Blackstock Boneyard actor Bryan McClure, “but Corey Ramage is in a category all his own”.


It is good to have you back Bryan, last time we spoke with you was back in late 2020 when you stopped by to discuss your new film, In Other Words. 


How’s 2021 working out for ya?

2021 has been a real blessing so far. I’ve had the privilege of acting in a National Commercial with Shaquille O’Neil for the PointsBet app, I worked on a fun Christmas film called Merry Switchmas, did a wonderful music video with a touching message, had the privilege of acting on Kaye Singleton’s new show, and I’m gearing up to do another film called Holy Irresistible here in the next month or so.


With the industry back on track, after everything essentially closed down last year, have you noticed more and more opportunities returning?

Very much. I was talking with my manager and we think we’re going to see a very busy year. There’s were tons of projects slated for last year that didn’t get made, there were projects planned for this year and there’s all the new projects that people had the extra time to write last year, so I think this year will be a fantastic year for actors. Those of us that didn’t quit the business, which I know that that’s a reality too for some actors over the pandemic.


Did you remain creative through 2020, even when you couldn’t get on a set?

Yes I did. I actually was a part of a feature film called Remote Relationship that we made 100% virtually over the pandemic, I participated in some sketches of friends, I did an episode of our sci-fi series Space Command, and I also own a web & graphic design business that allowed me to be creative as well.


Most people got hooked on a podcast, we’re finding, through the year. Did you?

Actually, I am one of the few people it seems that don’t really do podcasts. I tend to listen to audiobooks if I listen to audio.


Where did you learn your craft? Schooling? Books? On-the-job?

The first classes I ever took were at the Omaha Community Playhouse in Omaha, NE. When I moved to Los Angeles, I took a 2-year Meisner program from William Alderson. I’m very thankful for my Meisner training. As my teacher used to say, the Meisner Technique is like the floor for a dancer. It’s a place to push off from. And I truly believe that it gave me a wonderful foundation to my craft. From there, I studied at i/O West improv (which no longer exists), I studied with Bill O’Leary, and Diana Castle (she impacted my acting and my life dramatically – no pun intended J). I’ve studied with Judith Weston, Sara Mornell, Tim Phillips, Beth Becka and Clayton Landey. Also, as an artist, the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron changed my life!


Have you played a character like this before?

I’ve definitely played some squirrely characters before, but Corey Ramage is in a category all his own.

Any similarities between the character and you?

 The way we look 😉


Do you find it hard to wind down at the end of the day, after those more emotionally-gruelling scenes?

It definitely can take some time to wind down. That is if you’re not just completely exhausted from the experience.


Anyone on the film you got to know especially well and have kept in touch with?

Yes. Laura Flannery, who plays my sister. We’ve become great friends and are very supportive of one another’s careers. Additionally, Aspen Kennedy. We both studied at Sara Mornell’s, though we were in different classes. I attended his birthday before COVID. I still talk with Ashley Whelan from time to time. And follow some of the crew on social media.


How would you sell the film to the readers?

It’s based on a true story of two black farmers who were forced to sell their land and then were murdered. On the centennial anniversary of their death, the two brothers come back to avenge their death be killing the descendants of the those responsible.


BLACKSTOCK BONEYARD is being released June 8

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