Actress Rachel Alig, star of the new horror film Digging to Death (released this week from Uncork’d Entertainment), on the pandemic, the importance of on-the-job training and what she shares in common with her latest character.


How’s 2021 working out for ya?

Freaking awesome!  Seriously, it’s been amazing so far.  I shot three commercial spots for Laird Super Foods, I’m shooting a film in New York in June, a feature in Alaska in July, and another feature in October shooting in Los Angeles.  Things are rocking!


With the industry back on track, after everything essentially closed down last year, have you noticed more and more opportunities returning?

Absolutely!  The industry is definitely back in full swing and it feels even busier than before.  It’s as if we are all playing catch up.


Did you remain creative through 2020, even when you couldn’t get on a set?

I was super fortunate to work very consistently throughout 2020.  I did a number of commercials one opposite Master P, I worked on a streaming show, and I was the lead in a feature film that is a comedy/horror.  I was getting tested for COVID19 for all of these jobs so we were absolutely safe.


Most people got hooked on a podcast, we’re finding, through the year. Did you?

I did not get hooked on a podcast.  I did however, try to read as many books as possible that had then been adapted into a series or a movie.  So I read and watched, LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, NORMAL PEOPLE, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, GIRL INTERRUPTED, UNORTHODOX to name a few.


Where did you learn your craft? Schooling? Books? On-the-job?

I’ve studied at a few schools in Los Angeles that have been wildly beneficial to my own technique of acting.  I consider Margie Haber Studios my home school and I’ve done master classes there.  I’ve also been fortunate to study at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute of West Hollywood, Ivanna Chubbuck’s, and The Groundlings.

I also find on-the-job training is quite amazing.  You can study and read and take class, but to perform with all of the elements surrounding you is a skill in itself.  Can you focus enough when people are moving lights, and people are adjusting your hair or your makeup or your microphone? 


Have you played a character like this before?

This character was totally fresh for me.


Any similarities between the character and you?

For me, I think this character really loved her dad.  That would be the biggest similarity between she and I as I absolutely adore my father.  I kind of see him as my personal super man!


Do you find it hard to wind down at the end of the day, after those more emotionally-gruelling scenes?

I don’t find it hard to wind down after a day full of emotionally grueling scenes.  I actually sleep quite well on those days because I am mentally exhausted.  I do however, find it hard to socialize after those days.  I need peace, quite, calm, and time to myself after a day like that.


Anyone on the film you got to know especially well and have kept in touch with?

I knew our director, Michael Blevins, prior to filming, but we became much closer throughout the experience.  We definitely have stayed in touch.


How would you sell the film to the readers?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a tone of money came your way with no effort?  Be careful what you wish for….


Huge thanks to Rachel for taking the time to sit down with us. We look forward to more from her and be sure to check out Digging to Death!

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