Jared is a film a television director, writer and producer who most recently directed the movie based on the tragic plane crash involving Lynyrd Skynrd, Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash.

He has also directed The Horde, Hold Your Breath, and Born Bad.

We sit down once again with actor and filmmaker Jared Cohn who wears both hats for the new thriller Stalker in the House, now available from Uncork’d Entertainment.

GVN: So, the new movie is “Stalker in the House”- what was your primary interest there?

Jared: Honestly, I wanted to shoot a movie in one location – like “Saw”. And I own a Red camera so I thought ‘no better time to put it to use’!


Did you always intend on starring in the film too?

No – ha, and I’m not actually the star. I actually only played that small part because the budget was so low I couldn’t afford another actor. [Laughs]


And how alike are you to him?

Well, this guy goes a little too far but in a strange way people will like him. Did you find that?

Oh, most definitely! Is it a film based on any actual event in particular?

No. No one case in particular – but as we know, this stuff happens all the time.


Being an independent production, I’d think you probably ended up wearing more hats on it than credited. Was that the case?

Oh yes indeed. It was micro budget so we had a tiny crew. It was a challenge!


Considering the year, we’ve had, most of us are appreciate film and other forms of entertainment more than ever.  How have you been distracting yourself from outside worries during the past year?

I’ve actually been trying to work out a lot more.


To keep up with Bruce Willis, who you just shot a film with?

Oh, that was great, I did two [films with Bruce] actually, Deadlock and Vendetta.


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