As Frightfest comes to a close, World sales agent and North American distributor Devilworks has picked up Supernatural chiller entry Playhouse for North America and Canada.  The film centers around a notorious horror writer, who moves into an ancient castle with his teenage daughter, to work on his next play; only to face terrifying consequences when his daughter falls prey to a Supernatural evil lurking within the castle walls. Brothers Fionn and Toby Watts produced and directed the supernatural chiller, which premiered at London’s Frightfest in August.

We spoke to star Rebecca Calienda about the film, which has just hit digital.

GVN: What do you think makes a good horror film, Rebecca?

Rebecca: The slow build, creeping camera movements, as well as an epic  sound design to get the heart racing is always a plus!


Is it fair to say Playhouse isn’t strictly a horror movie?

Yes definitely. I would say Its also a bit of a thriller with the exercising of demons within oneself.  As we move through the film we see certain characters hash out their internal struggles on screen. Its was also really nice to see a father/daughter relationship onscreen that’s a dynamic you don’t see that much of. When I first read the script the film Casper popped in my mind and the father/daughter relationship in that, I love that film. It has a nice element of humor within it as does ours.


And was that part of the appeal for you?

Totally, it was a nice place to build a character from.


What do you attribute the film’s uniqueness too?

The location was phenomenal, the perfect setting for a story like this. I remember arriving to the set at night and id never seen a sky quite like it. I remember thinking, Wow… It was like white paint had been flicked and splattered all over the sky there were just so so many stars! It really was something quite special. 

How was it working with the Watts brothers?

They were true gentlemen. Even before getting on set they made it very apparent it was going to be a calm enjoyable experience to work in and it was.


The film was shot in your neck of the woods?

Definitely not.. haha!


Thanks so much to Rebecca for stopping by to chat with us and make sure to check out ‘Playhouse’ which out now on VUDU, Google Play and more!


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