Today we got an official look at the gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima on the Playstation youtube channel. In the live stream, Jason Conell and Nat Fox talk about the exploration, the combat, customization, and more.

Here is an overview of everything they talked about in the live stream, but I suggest you watch the stream as well.

  • Exploration

  1. Use the guiding wind to navigate the Island.
  2. You can call on the gust of wind at any time to point you in the right direction.
  3. There will be other visual cues such as animals, smokestacks on the horizon. Ex. Some Birds will lead you to hidden locations, Foxe’s ill guide you to hidden shrines.
  4. Once you have visited those locations, you will be able to fast travel.
  • Jin, The Samurai (Combat)

  1. Jin can challenge enemies to lethal standoffs.
  2. Parry enemies at the last minute for openings.
  3. Change combat stance to inflict the most amount of damage against a specific type of enemy. (Ex. Stone Stance and Water stance is what we saw in the gameplay.)
  • Jin, The Ghost (Combat)

  1. Use distractions to lure enemies to their deaths
  2. Smoke bombs are useful for evasions or unseen attacks
  3. When spotted, use Kunai for quick kills.
  4. The Mongols will learn to fear you; you can use that as an advantage.
  5. Jin can use grappling hooks to climb or swing across gaps.
  6. Use the Mongols own weapons against them
  • Customization

  1. Different armor gives you distinct mechanical advantages, not just for looks.
  2. Dyeflowers will change the color of the armor or clothing.
  • Photomode

  1. In Photo mode, you will have Color Grading, Depth of field, control of the direction and speed of the wind, the particles to change the different types of leaves and fireflies.
  • Japanese Voice Track and Samurai Cinema

  1. It can turn on and off the option of speaking in Japanese.
  2. Able to feel like your playing your favorite Samurai Movie.
  3. They have created a black and white film grained out mode that you can turn on at the beginning of the game before you start playing.

All of this information was all in the 18 minutes we got in the live stream, so make sure to go check that out. Ghost of Tsushima will release on July 17th, 2020. Let me know what your thought on the latest gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima.

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