Right on the heels of a new Wonder Woman trailer, DC follows up immediately with the debut trailer for the new game Gotham Knights with SHAZAM! star Zachary Levi.

The trailer starts of bleak. Batman is dead. As a result Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl must take up arms to keep Gotham safe from the scourge of criminals…and even the Court of Owls!

Eneba Many GEOs

The trailer was followed by some excellent gameplay footage of Batgirl investing an attack by Mr. Freeze with Robin. The gameplay looks crisp and every bit as visually captivating as previous entries in the Batman game lineup. Also…MULTIPLAYER!!! Oh sweet bat-Jesus! Dramatic sequences akin to Uncharted or Resident Evil are accented by combat so flawless it can only come from Batman’s team.

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When Mr. Freeze himself appears, get ready for a serious heart-rate spike.

When asked what the driving forces of the game are, creators responded, “…having a whole cast of characters, a real living Gotham City, and the fantasy of the superhero team-up.”

Get ready for what will certainly be a fantastic game. Set for release sometime in 2021!

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