TV Shows That You Must Be Watching Right Now

TV shows – who doesn’t like them? The TV revolution of the 21st century is unlike any others. We live in the golden age of television, and this is hardly an understatement. Television is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today, right there with roulette websites such as Roulette77. In light of this popularity, you probably wonder what the shows you absolutely must not miss out on are.

Well, as it turns out, there is a handy list here that will help you find the TV series that are still some of the most exciting things to see on television, and even if you aren’t quite sure about a series or two, it’s recommended that you give it a shot anyway. The more you try to see new things, the more you will fall in love with them, which is brilliant. Let’s have a look at the most trending TV shows today.


Fargo is based on a dark-noir comedy movie. Yet, the TV show goes above and beyond in becoming one of the most significant things on television today. It’s witty, it’s deep, and it’s well-written. The situations revealed by the show’s creators are all sorts of wacky, and you may think that they are sometimes ludicrous, but as the creators explain it – life is often inexplicable, random, and confusing. Why wouldn’t we want to see the same thing in Fargo?

Whether there is a deeper meaning or not, that’s for you to decide. The creators of Fargo have agreed to focus on something completely different, and that is telling a great story and mixing it with all those seemingly random aspects of the show that will easily add up and create a compelling TV experience.

Rick and Morty

Rick is a disgruntled professor and the smartest man in the universe. Morty is his adolescent grandson who suffers from crippling anxiety and isn’t popular with the ladies. When Rick gets drunk one night, he barges into Morty’s room and lets him in on a secret – he has invented a time and space traveling portal gun that can transport the pair anywhere in the universe.

Rick has gone on these adventures chiefly by himself, but he suddenly needs a partner. Shocked at first, Morty is intrigued, but he soon realizes that Rick is all sorts of messed up, and he starts doubting his grandfather’s sanity. Regardless, the cynical and often-drunk Rick may be the most lucid person you have ever heard speak on TV, calling out truths that we have all forgotten and dropping all pretense.

The show is funny, slightly inappropriate for a younger crowd, and tons of witty, albeit the graphic scenes can be a little too much on occasion!

The Wire

They call it the most venerated show to ever grace television. It’s easy to believe as The Wire has one of the best writing and scripts. Once again, the story is a classic – the good and evil fight in a never-ending power struggle that cannot have a good outcome. Well, as it turns out, The Wire doesn’t want to help good triumph.

In life, good or evil never triumphs – not fully. The story of The Wire is based in Baltimore, a city torn by crime and poverty, where politicians score points with each other and forget their own promises as soon as they have been elected.

The Wire puts an interesting twist – it doesn’t suggest that there are no do-gooders left; it’s just that society is so corrupt that it would not let people do the right thing. And so once elected, politicians forget about their voters while police chiefs are struggling to retain their ratings and stats, and everyday police officers are faced with a mix of morally ambiguous decisions and putting their life at risk in the line of duty. Think Fargo is worth it? Then don’t miss to check out The Wire!

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