Although 2011’s Green Lantern ultimately failed with critics and the box office, the character itself is still a fan favorite. Because of this, he is still very much on the DC radar. So much so that it will be featured in not only a possible film but on HBOMax for a television series.

The Green Lantern Corps film is in the works with a script being worked on by Geoff Johns. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year. The project could likely be presented to JJ Abrams and his Bad Robot production team. In the meantime, Greg Berlanti, who is another major talent on the Warner lot, is also partnering with Johns on the aforementioned Green Lantern television show. It is speculated that the relationship could possibly lead to his involvement in the feature film.

In spite of the previous failure with Green Lantern, are you excited about its future prospects? Which would you prefer, the television series or the feature film? Share your Green Lantern aspirations with us at Geek Vibes Nation.

Source: Variety

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