Canadian actress Laura Tremblay gives a riveting performance in Drowning, Pasquale Marco Veltri directed new film that takes its cue from the horrors of the real world.

Anna is a prostitute who has been abused, exploited and manipulated since childhood. Disconnected from her emotions and the sympathetic people around her, Anna accepts that she must take control of her own life, empower herself and learn to live her life on her own terms. Returning to the place where her nightmare began, her childhood home, Anna faces off against her enablers, her abusers, and her own demons.

Drowning is now available on Digital from Indiecan Entertainment.

GVN: Were you as disturbed as us watching this film when you first read this script? [Laughs]

Laura: Haha! I thought the script was extremely compelling and complex. I was totally drawn to Anna and her disturbed character. So, I guess, yes! I was definitely disturbed, but also extremely intrigued.

GVN: Take us back. How did you get involved in the film?

Laura: My agent sent me a request for a self-tape audition for “Drowning”, and about a week after I submitted my tape, I was called back for two more in person auditions with the director Pasquale Marco Veltri. We seemed to hit it off, as he ended up choosing me for the role!

GVN: Being that there is a pre-existing relationship with some of the folks on the movie, does that make it easier for you?

Laura: We actually made this film before we brought on distribution through Indiecan Entertainment, lead by Avi Federgreen, who is my dear friend and producing partner. I ended up not knowing anyone on the crew at first but at the end of 3 weeks, as often is the case with filmmaking, we became a family

GVN: Was this your first lead? did that add extra pressure?

Laura: This was my first lead in a feature! I had a small role in a feature entitled “The Cocksure Lads” a year or two beforehand and had lead an episode of “Paranormal Witness” as well as the musical “Evil Dead” – but playing Anna in “Drowning” was definitely new territory for me. Luckily, I felt extremely supported by Marco and the team and the pressure wore off quite quickly.

GVN: How did you, yourself, come down at the end of the day – mentally speaking – after some of the more emotionally-draining moments?

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Laura: I’m actually one of those actors that have an easy time turning the emotion on and off. I very rarely take home the character with me. I get her emotions and frustrations out in front of the camera and feel a sense of relief once it’s done.

GVN: Did you have to study people suffering from the same affliction for the role?

Laura: I did do some research of women in prostitution, the sex trade, and domestic abuse situations. The research was heavy and hard to take in. The fact that many women actually go through tough times like these really stuck with me for the character.

GVN: Was your performance based on anyone or even inspired by another character?

Laura: The 1990 French Film “La Femme Nikita” really inspired what I brought to the role. I really connected with the strength and fierceness of that character and brought her into what I did for Anna.

GVN: And you’re currently working on another film with the same producer? Is that right?

Laura: Actually, the distributor, Avi Federgreen of Indiecan Entertainment, is my dear friend and producing partner. We are currently producing a thriller entitled “Daughters” with Craig David Wallace, creator of Todd and The Book of Pure Evil, at the helm as Director!

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